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  • The Colonization and its Results.
  • The African colonization movement, 1816-1865.
  • Mesopotamia, as a place for colonization of Jews, 157.
  • Jay began by an exposure of the Colonization Society.
  • Jewish Colonization Association, 167.
  • History of the colonization of the United States, Boston.
  • But they were far from being acquired wholly by colonization methods.
  • But no foreign policy in Asia can shelter itself behind any colonization plea.

How To Use Colonization In A Sentence?

  • The cause of gradual emancipation and colonization will be cordially sustained.
  • She neither will nor can take effective measures for its colonization and culture.
  • He now firmly believed in the possibility of tropical colonization by the white races.
  • It was somewhat of a cross between legalized piracy and a body of adroit colonization promoters.
  • It was all these discoveries which led to the colonization of Africa by the nations of Europe.
  • Now, prior to the Maryland charter, colonization in Virginia was stretching northward.
  • Texas: migrations to, 3; migrations from, 4; Colonization Council, 5.
  • The company thus committed itself to a not inconsiderable program of colonization on its own responsibility.
  • The theory of colonization carried the idea of a military and a religious conquest of the new lands.
  • At the beginning of colonization bound or indentured white servants were sent in large numbers to the new land.
  • They may form a valuable factor in the colonization of the country and a source of cheap labour for the planters in the future.
  • At first the company was a prosperous trading concern, but its only attempt at colonization involved it in ruin.
  • Through commercial companies which only thinly disguised colonization projects, she sought possession of gold-bearing regions.
  • The manner in which Raleigh went about the work of colonization showed remarkable forethought and system.
  • This detailed charter of colonization is most interesting, since it contains several provisions which reappear in many later charters.
  • The very next voyage, he was going to have a new crew if he had to transfer to Colonization to do it!
  • There is abundant opportunity in the Republic of Panama for the organization of agricultural colonization schemes.
  • Their aptitude for African conquest and their joy in African colonization are the heritage of their native land.
  • Zionism rejects on principle all colonization on a small scale, and the idea of "sneaking" into Palestine.
  • But the ever-mischievous South Sea delusion did not vanish when the period of colonization was reached.
  • It is probable that an objector will point to the African colonization society, and ask, what has it accomplished towards the abolition of slavery?
  • Yet he told me that he was nearly in despair, and that he had been quite so till the Colonization Society arose.
  • From the excitement about American exploration and colonization the English church caught its first missionary impulse.
  • As to the Colonization Society, it is neither a wicked conspiracy on the one hand nor a panacea for slavery on the other.
  • To encourage colonization to its colonies still further, the States General in 1635 passed a new decree.
  • In him the romance of missionary enterprise finds embodiment; with him and his missions the colonization of Alta California began.
  • Mr. Jefferson believed in the colonization of negroes to Africa, and the substitution of free white labor in their place.
  • It is possible to look at European aggressions in, say, Africa as incidents of a colonization movement.
  • It received very full powers from the Scottish Parliament, powers of military colonization as well as trading privileges.
  • I sought a colonization site, where I had heard of a dozen plucky Americans who were undertaking a plantation on cooperative lines.
  • They did not perceive the connection between the Jewish colonization of Palestine and the future of the whole Jewish nation.
  • In November Raleigh was convicted of high-treason and his monopoly of American colonization was abrogated.

Definition of Colonization

The process of establishing a colony. | (social sciences) The process of colonizing or taking over.
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