Color In A Sentence

How To Use Color In A Sentence?

  • The color had come rushing back into his face, and his eyes were filled with light.
  • The color persists in the footprints for about three hours, over a distance of 600 to 800 yards.
  • Then I fell to studying all the science of color and all the theories which are woven about it.
  • However, the color of the feet is not ordinarily discernible in the field while the rabbit is alive.
  • Patricia's color rose and she held her hands together under the cover of her muff.
  • She bowed with the most gracious smile, the color stealing up into her cheeks and making her look younger.
  • The tone was too low for any one else to hear; but her mounting color and the light in her eyes told that she caught it.
  • He learned that the ancestral color descended to the children of a colored mother, although they might appear to be white.
  • The boy had watched the recapture of the lifeless body in solemn silence, a red flush of color in either cheek.
  • When necessary, the markings were renewed at later captures; in all such instances the same color codes and numbers were retained for each.
  • Suddenly the color deepened in her cheeks; her expression changed; a sudden flame seemed to dart into her eyes.
  • She had on a green silk frock to-night; and surely no color could have so enhanced the clarified brightness of her strange eyes.
  • He looked ten years older; the color of his hair was changed, and a fine mustache adorned his upper lip.
  • Joan was wearing, as she usually wore nowadays, an odd shade of blue, very much the color of the orchids at her waist.
  • The steel box is usually finished in black enamel, baked on, the color being sometimes varied to match the color of the surrounding woodwork.
  • In an instant the color suffused her face, she snatched the hand away, half rose trembling from her seat, then sank into it again.
  • She drew a long, deep breath, as though she were returning from some unknown deep, and a faint little color flickered in her cheek.
  • I pass my summer in the country, and in the rich combinations of floral color I find the gamut of tones for my toilets.
  • To refer to the matter of color in a business light, I may remind you that its trace is very faint in our family line.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Color | Color Sentence

  • This is local color with a vengeance!
  • Her color was changing quickly now.
  • A little color flushed into his face.
  • The same dye is used to color the tails.
  • The color of our skin and hair is not very important.
  • Her color had deepened a little at his earnest manner.
  • This time there was no doubt that the color meant anger.
  • Why, the color is coming back already.
  • Stuart made no mention of variation in the color of the venter.
  • Even such perfect harmony of color could hardly have done it.
  • A contrast of color between the plate and the target heightens the effect.
  • It might have been anger that brought the rush of color to her face.
  • The rising color in his cheeks took away the baldness of the speech.
  • Her color was higher than usual, and her breathing somewhat uneven.
  • The girl said nothing, but she stiffened and changed color slightly.
  • They were made of terra cotta, red in color and one side glazed.
  • The color suddenly went out of Joan's cheeks.
  • So far as I can discover, the prejudice against color is of modern origin.
  • The color rose to Lois's face, and her eyes were sparkling.
  • Her friendly action brought the color to Patricia's cheeks and her eyes shone.
  • A little dash of color stole into Keith's grave face, then flickered out.

Definition of Color

Conveying color, as opposed to shades of gray. | (transitive) To give something color. | (intransitive) To apply colors to the areas within the boundaries of a line drawing using colored markers or crayons.
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