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  • Compared to their present colossal proportions the cities were then mere villages.
  • Those four colossal seated figures guarding the entrance of the temple which faces the sunrise.
  • The entire effect of the vast company of colossal figures is awe-inspiring, but not pleasing.
  • Now, at last, all the colossal machinery which was to crush down Hellas was being set in motion.
  • In these twenty-eight colossal choruses we perceive at once a reaction against and a triumph over the tastes of the age.
  • Altogether a stage worthy of some colossal drama rather than the calm slumber of a forgotten hamlet.
  • She quivered slightly, but he was dimly conscious of the colossal character of the will she was summoning to her aid.
  • We are not faced with a colossal contradiction, and we don't know how far it extends.
  • One has been observed for over a quarter of a century, and appears to be almost immobile upon this colossal globe.
  • In the first place, we see a colossal globe of fire dominating and governing the worlds that belong to him.
  • He was a man of keen intellect and had much originality of thought, but his conceit was as colossal as his famous statue.
  • The surprising thing is not that the world has witnessed so colossal an exhibition of team-work in Germany.
  • He looked behind him, at the long line of men stretched down the narrow ravine like the tail of a colossal serpent.
  • There lay the fallen giant, the greater part of its colossal crest far beyond the extreme end of the demolished building.
  • The desolation upon which the plodding engineer planted his theodolite three-score-and-ten years ago is a colossal hive of human activity.
  • And yet these facts are of the most absolute significance in that they reveal the whole foundation of the colossal fortune of the Astor family.
  • Society, it is true, professed to move on lofty moral planes, but this was a colossal pretension and nothing less.
  • Swiftly it grew another twenty-five feet, and the gray expanse of its clothes shimmered strangely as a ripple ran over its colossal bulk.
  • Far different were the sensations of the muleteer, who saw in those awful solitudes only fiery dragons, colossal bears and break-neck trails.
  • The barbarous school of the war, social-imperialist ambitions, colossal military victories, and unparalleled defeats were required.
  • The principal symphonies of Berlioz are works of colossal character and richness of treatment, some of them requiring several orchestras.
  • Shells striking the water near her sent up colossal columns of water, which, falling upon the ship, put out some of the fires.
  • Around the Court stood over one hundred pillars, each surmounted by a colossal figure representing some particular star.
  • The stronger act upon the weaker, and the colossal Jupiter alone causes many of the perturbations in our great solar family.
  • Every intelligent person knew in 1871 that Tweed, Connolly and their associates were colossal thieves.

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  • His ignorance is too colossal to be genuine.
  • There was no small vanity about this colossal spirit.
  • What a colossal failure he made of his life!
  • Wemeldingen: un moulin colossal domine les digues.
  • It is a living index of the colossal British power.
  • But I feared London and your colossal law and order.
  • The Founder of the Colossal Astor Fortune.
  • Four hundred millions of dollars had been expended on the colossal work.
  • The stream had disappeared as though poured into a colossal crevice.
  • At any rate it's the product of a colossal imagination.
  • At all other times it hung in a colossal linen bag made especially to hold it.
  • The colossal roof-arch springs from wall to wall without a supporting pillar.
  • The New England colonies were carved out into a few colossal private estates.
  • This colossal star is five times (precisely, 5.2) as far from us as the Sun.
  • Japan, victor over the great Russian Empire, staggers under a colossal debt.

Definition of Colossal

Extremely large or on a great scale.
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