Combat In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Combat | Combat Sentence

  • Defy him to the combat once again.
  • The combat is unequal.
  • The combat paused not.
  • Those we will endure or combat as we can.
  • Thus the combat continues.
  • Then the combat began.
  • The combat was not a long one.
  • The day of combat is in sight!
  • Rather girlishly she essayed to combat it.
  • The combat was about to become decisive.
  • The word for combat was given.
  • I have to combat prejudice and falsehood.
  • The combat now became fierce.
  • And the extraordinary combat began.
  • Sigmund marked the combat and the end of it.
  • But it is an unequal combat that cannot last.
  • By what means can we combat the resistances?
  • They were harder to combat than droughts and blizzards.
  • Such artillery combat was hitherto unheard of.
  • But file combat did not relax because of the obscurity.
  • Now the combat became fiercer than ever.
  • For four hours the combat raged.
  • The line of combat was shifting eastward.
  • That in their right this combat may be mine.
  • Your people can not combat their sound-ray.
  • There it has to combat anarchism, too.
  • The combat had now lasted four hours.
  • The combat had lasted scarce an hour.
  • The combat swelled to great proportions.
  • Ce combat a durĂ© quatre ans.
  • This deadly combat did not last long.
  • I hoped the combat would be fatal to me.
  • Then it was that the real combat of the day commenced.
  • The parricidal combat continued with undiminished rage.
  • The combat took place on the appointed day.

How To Use Combat In A Sentence?

  • But her spirit rose instantly to combat the suggestion.
  • The combat behind the cattle thickened apace.
  • The combat was to be decided the next day at dawn.
  • Error may be tolerated if truth be free to combat it.
  • The combat was furious, but not long.

Definition of Combat

(transitive) To fight; to struggle against. | (intransitive) To fight (with); to struggle for victory (against). | A battle, a fight (often one in which weapons are used); a struggle for victory.
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