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  • Commerce, Combative element in, 295.
  • In the acquisitive there was a subdivision of the combative or fighting art.
  • At a table near-by sat a gross looking woman with a combative eye.
  • I saw a combative light in Macdonald's eye.
  • The Europeans, he thinks, are among the most combative of the human race.
  • These thoughts sent wild combative thrills through Julie's pulses.
  • Never was there a religion more combative than Christianity," wrote Bernhardi.

How To Use Combative In A Sentence?

  • But grant that war develops the combative qualities, the argument forgets a darker moral phase.
  • The war had seemed to me to show that mankind was too combative an animal ever to recognize that the good of all was the good of one.
  • Fiery and combative as she generally is, when breaking the law in public places she is the very soul of serene daring.
  • It was no time to even mention anything concerning the stirring adventure with that stubborn and combative moose bull.
  • But he had been treated as though he were a wolf, and felt as though he had been marked out by exile for some great combative task.
  • He even acted as if he admired me more as a breathing, sullen image than as a living, combative woman.
  • One of these has been cultivated by man for thousands of years, namely, the combative spirit and splendid courage of the male bird.
  • At the same time, I seemed to remember him as the most combative of all the speakers who took a leading part in the debates.
  • Not having a combative nature, nor a taste for debate, Honor adjourned to the store cupboard and gave Kareem the stores for the day.
  • When he did so, up rose his early habitual combative and destructive propensities, overthrowing in an instant all later formed convictions and regenerated feelings.
  • We find in him remarkable combative power, united to a desire to use that power purely and simply for the defence and protection of those who are unable to protect and help themselves.
  • Tom, as has been already said, was a robust and combative urchin, and at the age of four began to struggle against the yoke and authority of his nurse.

Definition of Combative

Given to fighting; disposed to engage in combat; pugnacious.
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