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  • The hair should be combed carefully every morning and again made tidy before each meal.
  • She combed it straight back from her forehead, and let it hang down her shoulders under her sack.
  • His necktie is worn by the right oblique, his iron-gray hair is combed by the wind.
  • And he combed the hair of the prince, as he sat upon his steed, and cut it front and back.
  • The wool was quickly combed by Deborah, for there was no time to wash the newly cut fleece.
  • Her dark hair, now sprinkled with white, is fully dressed, the bands combed low on her forehead.
  • I have washed my face, and I have combed my hair, yet who can say I have not mourned?
  • Thereupon both occupied themselves with her hair, which was combed back and braided behind into a sort of wheel.
  • The Upper School had combed and oiled their hair, And all the Parents of the Boys were there.
  • Her first step had been to have the patient bathed and combed and made presentable for the occupancy of the guest-chamber.
  • Her dress had dried in the night winds, and when she had combed her hair she looked fairly presentable.
  • After a few inches have been woven in this simple way the right side is combed and the superfluous length cut off with rough scissors.
  • She rose refreshed and ate the remainder of her bread, then combed her hair and dressed herself as best she could.
  • Back of this the hair is kept well oiled and is combed straight to the back of the head, where it is tied in a knot.
  • The four big armories were cleaned out while smaller squads of men combed the city house by house for concealed arms.
  • As he spoke he looked with a steadfast soul into the black hollow of the wave that combed above us, threatening destruction.
  • His ringlets were combed in a heavy mass over his right shoulder; and it is said that he looked like some strange actor.
  • When he combed in his net of sneakers to check the tapes and films, lo and behold, he had a little stranger.
  • Women of meretricious life were distinguished by the way they wore their hair cut and combed over their brows, just like modern fringes.
  • They wore their hair combed back on either side of the forehead; their complexion was a mixture of olive and copper-colour.
  • She was paler than usual, and her thick shining hair was combed up from her forehead in a manner highly becoming to her style of beauty.
  • Her yellow hair was combed smooth and flat at both sides of her head and knotted up firmly in a tight little business knot behind.
  • Under an ash-colored sky, the fields have been combed and rolled till they appear to have been finished with a pencil instead of a plough.
  • He also related how the goose-girl sat in the sun and combed her golden hair, while she sent him chasing for his hat.
  • She first combed it down straight, then parted it in the center, and rolled it into a great ball at the back of her neck.
  • Having donned his garments, and washed himself and combed his hair, he turned to the stand to get his new set of teeth.
  • His thick grey hair was combed straight back from his brows, and except for his short moustache, he was clean-shaven.
  • He never disfigured himself by the full-bottomed wig of the period, but always wore his own brown hair, combed back from his forehead.
  • She wore a light barege dress; her hair smoothly combed back behind her ears gave a girlish expression to her pure and fresh face.
  • The head should be thoroughly washed, every day, and then brushed with a soft hair-brush, or combed with a fine comb.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Combed | Combed Sentence

  • Cross between pea and rose combed fowls.
  • He had not combed his hair, and he was barefooted.
  • That ever Nature combed and curled.
  • Bill stood up, and with his fingers combed the leaves out of his hair.
  • As soon as they arrived in the town the three girls combed his hair.
  • The dwarf grunted and combed his thick, tousled hair with his fingers.
  • He and Sachs had cobbled at it too much: they had brushed and combed it.
  • I had much ado to get Lady Patience combed or unpinned at all!
  • And while Yeva combed and brushed, Marishka questioned and she answered.
  • She combed His hair with an ivory comb, An ivory comb, etc.

Definition of Combed

Having a comb or crest | simple past tense and past participle of comb
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