Come For In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Come For | Come For Sentence

  • Pat will come for it.
  • Annie will come for you.
  • We are come for that.
  • I have not come for that.
  • And what had he come for now?
  • You will come for me?
  • If he will not come for that he will not come at all.
  • Next year he did not come for her.
  • I have come for your help.
  • The police come for him.
  • He had come for her lover.
  • Some come for the one reason and some for the other.
  • I come for an answer to my letter.
  • Ere the time be come for taking you.
  • And so he did not come for ten days more.
  • The time had come for action.
  • The time had come for a reply.
  • Boggley will come for me in about ten days.
  • You were there, and you had come for me!
  • He may come for a week.
  • He had come for supper and bed.
  • I have come for my old man.
  • The time had come for action.
  • I want him to come for my own comfort.
  • The moment had come for action.
  • I think now the time has come for you to understand.
  • The turn of the tide had come for the paper.
  • Tradesmen may come for payments of the month.
  • These colonists had come for many purposes.
  • A telegram may come for her any hour.
  • The time had come for him to settle down to business.
  • A beardless youth is come for thee.
  • They come for the crumbs on the window sill.
  • At last the day come for me to start.
  • That was not to come for two hundred years more.

How To Use Come For In A Sentence?

  • She too, had come for liberty.
  • Seeing you makes them believe that we come for peace.
  • The time had come for us to part.
  • He had heard of my accident and had come for news.
  • The time had come for the big drive.

Definition of Come For

(transitive) To search for something or someone, in order to catch them/it. | (transitive) To target someone for competition or attack.
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