Come To In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Come To | Come To Sentence

  • Why had they come to her now?
  • And then for it to come to this.
  • What can have come to him?
  • What has come to her?
  • I have come to you from him.
  • Why should it come to me?
  • And all this had come to him.
  • What had come to him?
  • Now this has come to you.
  • And now it has come to me.
  • And it will come to that.
  • Why had he not come to her?
  • Whence can it have come to her?
  • And is it come to this?
  • You should have come to me.
  • How did they all just come to be you?
  • Send to him to come to you.
  • Salvation will not come to me!
  • Something has just come to me.
  • But why do you come to me?
  • Was it then come to that?
  • That it should come to this!
  • Could you come to me here?
  • Alas that it should come to this!
  • How does he come to be here?
  • So it had come to this again.
  • So it has come to this!
  • How did you come to be here?
  • Karen was to come to them.
  • What had he come to do?
  • But how did she come to be there at all?
  • Yet it has come to me!
  • That it should come to this!
  • Freedom had come to her.
  • Think it over and come to your senses.

How To Use Come To In A Sentence?

  • He had come to the end.
  • What had he come to buy?
  • No harm can come to them.
  • Would he come to look for her there?
  • How has this come to pass?

Definition of Come To

(intransitive, idiomatic) To recover consciousness after fainting etc. | (intransitive, idiomatic, nautical) To stop a sailing vessel, especially by turning into the wind. See also come about. | (transitive) To total; to amount to.
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