Come Up In A Sentence

How To Use Come Up In A Sentence?

  • Please come up and sit on the porch.
  • You come up here to write your books.
  • He had come up all the way only to look at her once more.
  • He had come up to fetch him when he overheard me.
  • We come up to see the scenery.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Come Up | Come Up Sentence

  • Arondelle does not come up here.
  • One of them had come up again.
  • She will come up to you.
  • You can come up here.
  • Rose had come up close to me.
  • She was to come up here and bamboozle you.
  • Let her come up a little!
  • Fleetfoot had come up with his master.
  • Annie had come up with some buttermilk for them.
  • Till ye come up to me.
  • Let me come up for air.
  • Then come up to my study.
  • Less and less does he come up here.
  • And so you have come up from the ranks?
  • They had come up on the same boat.
  • Nele had come up on deck.
  • Will you come up to my tent?
  • Has it come up to expectation?
  • He come up to the house.
  • I sold it to come up here.
  • Harvey had by this time come up to them.
  • I will come up at six.
  • She had come up very close to him.
  • Would he come up to her model?
  • One of them had just come up on horseback.
  • I had no idea that he had come up here.
  • But come up to my cabin.
  • The captain had come up unobserved.
  • One of our naval men has just come up here.
  • Will you come up and take a chair?
  • Water seems to come up close.
  • Can you come up and talk to us about them at once?
  • I simply had to come up unbidden.
  • We must come up from the south.
  • He had just come up from the station on his bicycle.

Definition of Come Up

Used other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see come,‎ up. | (intransitive) To come towards, to approach. | (idiomatic, intransitive) To emerge or become known, especially unexpectedly.
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