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  • But all our comedians are tragic comedians.
  • The greatest comedians have been the greatest clowns.

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  • The incorrigible veneration for what is antique displayed by low comedians takes care of that.
  • The comedians on the entertainment programs let the whole story alone for the most part.
  • The Roman people began in time to care less for the comedians than for the mimes.
  • A troop of German comedians has taken quarters in the Warehouse in the Cloister street.
  • The pair of tragic comedians of whom there will be question pass under this word as under their banner and motto.
  • The Italian comedians obtained at that time permission to perform parodies of operas and of tragedies.
  • The result is about as funny as the efforts of the comedians who imitate German emigrants on the American stage.
  • But of the comedians it may be said, that they not only "gag" themselves, but they are the cause of "gagging" in others.
  • Would not our Asiatic be surprised, also, to see comedians salaried by sovereigns, and excommunicated by priests?
  • Bert Williams is to-day generally remarked as one of the two or three foremost comedians on the American stage.
  • They insisted that I repeat the jokes which were being cracked by the comedians at the Criterion and the Shaftesbury.
  • Women with baskets joined the brigade and in ten minutes these sidewalk comedians had a string a block long behind them and more coming every minute.
  • This will come as a great boon to music-hall audiences, who find that the kippers used by comedians are getting rather frayed at the edges through constant wear.
  • In the time of his youth a company of comedians came to Radzagio and exhibited during seven days in the presence of King Pimpathara and his court.
  • As a rule, the gag of the present period is to be found mainly in those more frivolous and ephemeral entertainments, which are not much to be damnified by any excesses with which the comedians may be chargeable.
  • So soon as the author began to write words for the actors to deliver, so soon, be sure, did the comedians begin to interpolate speech of their own contriving.
  • But like comedians who think their forte is tragedy, so the part of courtier was more pleasing to Rubens than that of painter, because it was more difficult.
  • After that the comedians sang a duet, the words of which dealt with marital infidelity, that screamingly funny subject on which the stage of to-day builds its humorous efforts.

Definition of Comedians

plural of comedian
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