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  • Farce comedy was in the air.
  • It was a droll comedy in the snow.
  • He understood the amusing if mysterious comedy now.
  • When comedy fails, they try tragedy.
  • A Comedy of Elopement.
  • A Comedy with Music 249 XV.
  • Almost all his heroes were characters of the comedy or the novel.
  • Politics are just what you make them, comedy or serious drama.
  • So the comedy ended very pleasantly, and we sat down to supper.
  • Without action or wit, what then renders the comedy endurable?
  • Tragedy exhibits the nobler specimens of humanity, comedy the worse.
  • The first real flicker of comedy flamed in the girl's face.
  • The next scene is close to comedy, though comedy of a poignant kind.
  • But this comedy of which you speak: it might pass in Russia, but not in Paris.
  • Unfortunately, his comedy of "La Confusa" is among the lost ones.
  • At first, I put it down to her endless comedy with M. Auguste.
  • The New Comedy dominated the later Attic stage and called into life the Roman.
  • Of course I know she's a beautiful young comedy actress, or is it tragedy?

How To Use Comedy In A Sentence?

  • I never understood how he succeeded in keeping up the comedy of being a professor.
  • This little comedy had the effect of relaxing them all; and the laughter became general.
  • Her professor merely grinned, as though the tragedy were a comedy of the most amusing order.
  • Gil says that Hepsibah has the figure of a comedy cook and what he calls a character face.
  • New Comedy is neither tragic nor comic, but, like our own plays, a discreet mixture of both.
  • Why, she is a well-known musical comedy girl, sings and dances at the Regent, you know.
  • I fancy when you played the comedy with M. Auguste, tragedy was only just round the corner.
  • The comedy Marriage, finished in 1835, still finds a place in the Russian theatrical repertoire.
  • He marched through tragedy and comedy and thrilling adventure with no more concern that he evinced in striding through these gardens.
  • He seemed to her the eager spirit that was prompting and putting forward this comedy and tragedy playing on before her.
  • An inimitable bit of comedy describing an interchange of personalities between a celebrated author and a bicycle salesman.
  • His essays, his novel, and his poems are still read with avidity and pleasure; his comedy is still acted.
  • But, as it happened, comedy would creep into the mystery and horror, which she mentally lumped together as agony.
  • The controversy over the "armed merchantmen" had a prologue which could only be described as a comedy of errors, were the matter not so serious.
  • As with one blow, Gogol shattered the notions of the theatre-going public of his day of what a comedy should be.
  • Yet there is comedy, pure comedy in those scenes, though never sustained, and never wrought to the inevitable dramatic climax.
  • A favorite theme of later Greek and of Roman comedy was the rivalship in love of a father and a son.
  • The comedy of the Meredith family springs, of course, not from the fact that they were tailors, but that they pretended not to be tailors.
  • This comedy would read much better, but not act half so well, if it were all written in good English.
  • In dramatic composition, the equivalent of the Short-story is the one-act play, be it drama or comedy or comedietta or farce.
  • She found it (for a year) happiness enough to be at Haworth, to watch the long comedy of the curates as it unrolled itself before her.
  • Such are the scenes, or parts of scenes, between Jane and Rochester during the comedy of his courtship.

Definition of Comedy

(countable, historical) A choric song of celebration or revel, especially in Ancient Greece. | (countable) A light, amusing play with a happy ending. | (countable, Medieval Europe) A narrative poem with an agreeable ending (e.g., The Divine Comedy).
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