Comes Off In A Sentence

Definition of Comes Off

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of come off

How To Use Comes Off In A Sentence?

  • One side of it comes off so you can git in and set on a high cushion and read or knit.
  • All the places in the house are taken for the third, which comes off to-morrow.
  • And, of course, the faster the ball comes off the racket the more liable is it to go astray.
  • At length all is ready, and the affair comes off in the main-hatch, where there is plenty of room.
  • Yes, we take the lighter that comes off shore at Dover, and takes on those who wish to land.
  • If this fourth play of mine comes off, and you find it worth producing, I shall be happy.
  • We're on the lookout for your name in the newspapers the first battle that comes off.
  • Then those that are taken off are brushed so that the nap almost all comes off and leaves the handles clean again.
  • Now we are wondering how he will handle this strike if it comes off; and what effect it will have on his career?
  • After all the gas comes off you will find in the bottom of the test tube a chunk of dry, porous coke.
  • But he's working up for a tremendous row one of these days, unless he leaves before it comes off.
  • On the other hand if the silk ruffs up and comes off in snarls upon the brush, the matted masses indicate that the water is too hot.
  • But get 'em over to America and they either fall to pieces or the paint comes off.
  • When the point pierces the flesh this hard piece comes off, but remains attached to the shaft by a short stout cord.
  • Why, you set the can on the stove and get it good and hot all through, and just as soon as it begins to boil hard the lid comes off.
  • The raw hide is buried for one or two days, till the hair comes off easily; then it is taken out and well scraped.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Comes Off | Comes Off Sentence

  • If only the business comes off.
  • How well it comes off the tongue!
  • Rinse till the water comes off clear.
  • A sovereign if the lid comes off in a minute!
  • I will not wait a week until that dinner comes off.
  • Well, that is what comes off from the handles.
  • If it comes off all right we shall be rich and prosperous.
  • His coat comes off and is carefully folded on the seat.
  • The double wedding, you know, comes off in six weeks.
  • Carpenter (if wheel comes off, &c.); 7.
  • The lid comes off.
  • If it comes off, that's to say.
  • We'll get some theatrical paint that comes off easily.
  • Well, if this raid comes off successfully it will mean promotion.
  • But we always slip up somewhere: nothing quite comes off as it should.
  • Remember, the man who shoots first comes off with the whole hide.
  • This howling concert generally comes off two or three times a night.
  • Wash them in suds, and rinse them till the water comes off clear.
  • Even when the feet are boiled, the hair never comes off without the skin.
  • But I should like to know, as soon as possible, when the sale comes off.
  • Anyhow, if this comes off, no more of it; but Ma Mie is getting dangerous.
  • He comes off in a triumph of the detached, divinely free "Creative Impulse".
  • I can't cook, and if I sew a button on it comes off quicker than if I hadn't.
  • I'm just running round to the stage door to meet dear Rose as she comes off.

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