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  • I was to be the comfort of his life to come.
  • Regard was had for the comfort of all classes of travelers.
  • Take the whole comfort of that truth.
  • Bees intended for the comfort of man.
  • The captain reveled in the comfort of his state.
  • The whimsical comfort of the thought pleased me.
  • He had not even the comfort of a filmy blouse.
  • They had also added to the comfort of the place.
  • I never before understood the comfort of being dry.
  • And give me the comfort of a living thing.
  • Oh the comfort of independent self confidence!
  • Such never know the comfort of independence.
  • His family can have the comfort of warm fires this winter.
  • Her head jerked instinctively from the comfort of his arm.
  • The comfort of the prospective campers seemed assured.
  • For my part, my verandah is the comfort of my life.
  • Her eyes ached with unshed tears at the lost comfort of it.
  • With the soft mute comfort of green things growing.
  • The girl felt the comfort of it, though she still trembled.
  • Miss Weaver took charge of the comfort of her guest.
  • Comfort of Old Age 126.
  • Effects on the Domestic Comfort of Women.
  • Importance to Family Comfort of well-constructed Houses.
  • For once she seemed indifferent to the comfort of her relatives.
  • But the comfort of these ancient craft should not be overrated.
  • Let me have the comfort of knowing exactly how you are before we set out.
  • Hence the care shown for the nourishment and comfort of the soldiers.
  • It was then that they appreciated the comfort of their well-equipped boats.
  • An arbitrary disposition in the home ruins the comfort of all.
  • Every thing seemed to announce the comfort of its inhabitants.
  • The heart is so framed that it requires the aid and comfort of sympathy.
  • As a rule the comfort of the patient may be consulted in this respect.
  • These precautions lessen the confusion and add to the comfort of all concerned.

How To Use Comfort Of In A Sentence?

  • Fancy the comfort of having such a letter as that to read to an appreciative audience!
  • It was not stipulated in the contract that he was to consider the comfort of his passengers.
  • Brothers and sisters should vie with each other in promoting the comfort of their parents.
  • The comfort of this delightful room after the experience he had gone through was idyllic.
  • Everything which could be thought of was provided for the health and comfort of the troops.
  • They added something to the pleasure of the senses and to the comfort of his fireside.
  • You and your family are a little too noisy for the comfort of the other tenants in this house.
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