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  • Comic book by "Burlington Hawk-eye Man."
  • (A comic book).
  • 50 Sawed-off Sketches--Comic book by "Detroit Free Press Man."

How To Use Comic Book In A Sentence?

  • When he returned to the temporary office, the oral testing was still going on; Koffler was still on duty as watcher for the union, but the sport had evidently palled on him, for he was now studying a comic book.
  • I doubt though that I would have been contacted by the very talented person who took images from a comic book about fair use that I co-wrote and mashed them up with words from a book by Larry Lessig, and some really nice music from someone none of us had ever met.
  • By Law, (CSPD 2006) an educational comic book on fair use in documentary film, and is the editor of Critical Legal Studies (Dartmouth/NYU Press 1994), and Collected Papers on the Public Domain (Duke: L&CP 2003).
  • (In press) $1.50 M.M. Pomeroy ("Brick.") Sense--(a serious book) $1.50 Gold-Dust Do $1.50 Our Saturday Nights $1.50 Nonsense--(a comic book) $1.50 Brick-Dust

Definition of Comic Book

(comics) A book or magazine that uses sequences of drawings to tell a story or series of stories, primarily in serialized form, usually fiction.
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