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  • It is the comic version of the same sense.
  • One penny for six comic pypers.
  • That comic song 'its it at once.
  • He's really a comic bloke.
  • At the same time the futility of it had, it cannot be denied, a comic effect.
  • The majority of the comic apparitions, curiously enough, are masculine.
  • Both in comic and serious opera, music owes much to Rossini.
  • The comic opera, as we now understand it, is of French origin.
  • Why, Johnnie, I believe you enjoy the comic pictures about this business!...
  • Cimarosa's genius embraced both the tragic and comic schools of composition.
  • Including the Cream of the COMIC ANNUALS.

How To Use Comic In A Sentence?

  • The suddenness of this sinister conclusion had in it something comic and unbelievable.
  • You will find your brain conducting itself in a manner which would be comic were it not tragic.
  • The same is true of the comic masks, which are rendered as grotesque and horrible as possible.
  • His plays are mostly comic operas or farces, and some of them had great success.
  • The different methods required in telling witty, comic and humorous stories.
  • It is not a sublime oratorio, nor yet a frankly comic oratorio, nor entirely a dull oratorio.
  • He was so irresistibly comic in appearance, that I burst into a fit of laughter.
  • Doubtless, in every million there will be an astronomer, a mathematician, a comic poet, a mystic.
  • He was stammering, weeping, wringing his hands, grimacing with every feature of his comic face.
  • He thrilled the British comic papers by his offer to buy the castle and move it to America.
  • As a curiosity I mention a comic interlude that occurred after we had left Dover Harbor.
  • But every profession has its comic side as well as its tricks, I suppose; mine, I am sure, does.
  • Apart from this he was as hypochondriacal as a comic actor and took no part in the life of the household.
  • To our shame he seemed a comic creature and we pelted him with snowballs and ran from his piteous anger.
  • Though voluminous both in serious and comic opera, it was in the latter that he won his chief laurels.
  • Truly, you must be as tired of the comic view of the question as you are ashamed of your medical students.
  • They enjoy a joke and laugh heartily, and they are able to see that most things have their comic side.
  • I could perceive that that was a grotesque platform gesture of his, when he drove a comic point home.
  • I had supposed it was only in comic papers and old-fashioned novels that a rat or a mouse could drive a sensible woman into hysterics.
  • He has produced a very large body of comic writing of a high order of merit, and the amount of it that is first-rate is considerable.
  • I excused a great deal in him, however, knowing that comic actors are a little prone to this infirmity of temper.
  • You think we don't know enough to refuse a clock like a comic valentine, and you think we don't prize that old bell.
  • Up to about eighteen years ago, the comic papers never failed to represent him with a Phrygian cap on.
  • Everything that he turned his mind to in Strawberry Hill he regarded in the same spirit of comic delight.
  • The comic lady now came on; there were shrieks of laughter at her unnecessary and irrelevant green boots and crinoline and Cockney accent.
  • After no end of comic and dolorous adventures, he surmounted all his misfortunes by downright pluck and genuine good feeling.
  • He stood back at the curb and lifted his head to look at new buildings after the manner of the comic supplement farmer with a straw between his teeth.
  • From the outset merriment and humour were by no means the sole object of the French comic opera, as in the case of its Italian sister.
  • The story is so interesting, so admirably written, that Goethe and Mendelssohn considered it the true model for a comic opera.

Definition of Comic

Funny; amusing; comical. | Relating to comedy. | A comedian.
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