Coming Up In A Sentence

How To Use Coming Up In A Sentence?

  • What, are you coming up?
  • Sylvia was surely coming up later.
  • Abbott is coming up to play checkers with me.
  • The journey down was much the same as that coming up.
  • That is the question that will keep coming up to me.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Coming Up | Coming Up Sentence

  • Coming up to talk to me?
  • And he is coming up here!
  • They were coming up the hill.
  • Look at that gentleman coming up here.
  • We are coming up through here in the spring.
  • The diver is coming up.
  • Somebody was coming up the road.
  • You passed them coming up.
  • They were coming up the stairs.
  • It was coming up the channel.
  • Some one was coming up.
  • The sun was just coming up.
  • She was coming up the slope.
  • It is the servant coming up.
  • Is that the fellow coming up here?
  • She was coming up rapidly.
  • Hope was coming up the stairs.
  • Another forest coming up from below?
  • The doctor is just coming up.
  • I am coming up directly.
  • He is coming up with the others.
  • Josh was coming up in his boots!
  • The moon was coming up.
  • Fitfully the wind was coming up.
  • I read them coming up.
  • I missed it coming up.
  • They were coming up continually.
  • There seems to be a shower coming up.
  • I thought all my insides were coming up.
  • I made a mistake coming up here.
  • There is more danger going down than coming up.
  • I am coming up for a couple of days.
  • Very soon the neighbours from below will be coming up.
  • Do you see the mist coming up?
  • The nomads are already coming up.

Definition of Coming Up

present participle of come up
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