Command in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Command

1. The officer in command must be a gentleman. 🔊

2. The officer in command of the company now bustled up. 🔊

3. The officer in command fed us with a sumptuous tea. 🔊

4. In command of the German war dirigibles. 🔊

5. Mr. Harrison is in command with Lieut. 🔊

6. In command of British Navy dirigible section, 1911. 🔊

7. This force was placed in command of Major Emery Foster. 🔊

8. In command of the British Army Air Battalion, 1911. 🔊

9. The command now moved cautiously forward, but there was to be no battle. 🔊

10. Above the din rises the word of command of a well-known voice. 🔊

11. Appointed 1911, to take command of French naval aviation. 🔊

12. To be precise, it was a command from the Emperor of Germany to come to dinner. 🔊

13. Then he turned at the orderly's command and marched out of the room. 🔊

How to use Command in Sentences?

1. Piegan, out of the fullness of his heart, emphasized his command with the toe of his boot. 🔊

2. Humble, and yet stately, a white face with red and swollen eyelids, eyes with command in them. 🔊

3. To the Captain in command Lawrence explained his fear of an ambuscade in front. 🔊

4. Captain Brawner, on whom the command had fallen, resolved to retreat to Lexington. 🔊

5. Formerly in command of British Army aviation headquarters, Farnborough, 1909-10. 🔊

6. All these were under his command and protected by his power, so that none could find them but such as propitiated his favor. 🔊