Commandant In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Commandant | Commandant Sentence

  • And what can the commandant do?
  • The commandant calls it.
  • The commandant is even now with him.
  • The commandant sent me.
  • The commandant shook his head.
  • The commandant snapped his fingers.
  • The royalist commandant was amazed at what he saw.
  • Le commandant vient avec nous.
  • Le commandant vint avec nous.
  • The commandant turned at sound of my voice.
  • He is to-day commandant of the camp.
  • You know the commandant always goes the last.
  • I went to the commandant of the fort and told him as much.
  • Le commandant a eu une crâne idée.
  • Le commandant va mieux ce matin.
  • Le commandant rompt aussitôt les pourparlers.
  • Alle hens van den commandant zijn brik.
  • Le commandant avait fait de son mieux.
  • So saying, the commandant left the spot.
  • Les traits du commandant se contractèrent légèrement.
  • The commandant is with us, heart and soul.
  • A good commandant would send you back where you belong.
  • The Commandant flushed.
  • The Commandant started.
  • The Commandant understood.
  • The Commandant waited.
  • The Commandant bowed.
  • The Commandant did not answer.
  • The Commandant smiled.
  • The Commandant stared at it.
  • The Commandant nodded.
  • Et soudain le commandant se toucha le front.
  • The Commandant winced.
  • But the Commandant rose.
  • The Commandant whitened.

How To Use Commandant In A Sentence?

  • Le commandant ne rit pas, lui.
  • The Commandant lifted his eyebrows.
  • But the Commandant continued to stare.
  • The Commandant had given them permission.
  • One of them promised to speak to the Commandant about it.

Definition of Commandant

A commanding officer, usually of a specific force or division.
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