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How To Use Commander In In A Sentence?

  • Half his power lay in a conciliating trick of sinking the commander in the leader.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Commander In | Commander In Sentence

  • He was a company-commander in my battalion.
  • As a commander-in-chief.
  • Never was a commander in a sorer strait.
  • Congress is really the commander-in-chief.
  • Wittgenstein was for the moment commander-in-chief.
  • I am commander-in-chief only in law.
  • Why not make him commander-in-chief?
  • That was the function of the commander-in-chief.
  • Pizarro would be commander-in-chief.
  • The commander-in-chief was true to his word.
  • We must settle their commander-in-chief.
  • In 1780 he was commander-in-chief of the native army.
  • Commander, in a manner of speaking, wherefore?
  • He went early to sea, and was made a commander in 1731.
  • No, no; commander-in-chief from the start.
  • Li Dsing once more was its commander-in-chief.
  • Am I not your commander-in-chief?
  • There is no Commander-in-chief in time of peace.
  • He may let me off with the Commander-in-chief.
  • On the death of Washington he became commander-in-chief.
  • Once I was even taken for the commander-in-chief.
  • His nephew Joab was made commander-in-chief.
  • For a moment Wren stood staring at his commander in amaze.
  • We had no need to go to the Commander-in-Chief.
  • Scarcely had he gone when in came the Commander-in-Chief.
  • The Commander-in-Chief came in this morning.
  • Commander-in-chief of all the forces of The Hero.
  • By order of his Excellency the Commander-in-chief.
  • He was one of the intimates of the Commander-in-Chief.
  • The Commander-in-Chief arrived this morning.
  • Death of Commander-in-Chief in India.
  • By order of the Governor and Commander-in-Chief.
  • The French Commander-in-Chief paid tribute to their skill.
  • HOWE, Commander-in-chief.
  • Bonaparte made Commander-in-Chief of the Army of Italy.
  • Ah Kurroo Khan (Commander-in-Chief).
  • Their commander-in-chief will remain eternally proud of them.
  • Never did commander in chief so richly deserve to be shot on his own deck.
  • The grave features of the commander-in-chief relaxed in a smile.
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