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Definition of Commencement

The first existence of anything; act or fact of commencing | The day when degrees are conferred by colleges and universities upon students and others. | A graduation ceremony, from a school, college or university.

How To Use Commencement In A Sentence?

  • Contemporaries at the commencement of his reign the same as at the death of his late majesty.
  • This obscure skirmish was the commencement of a war which set two continents on fire.
  • An attack, to be made on three other points, was determined as a commencement of the campaign.
  • At its commencement the English were traders existing on sufferance of the native princes.
  • In answer to an obliging Letter he sent in the commencement of my poetic career.
  • Instead the anti-coagulant is placed in the bottom of the bucket prior to the commencement of collection.
  • In the last sense it is generally believed to be used in the tradition quoted in the commencement of this paragraph.
  • The commencement of the crusades and the beginning of the fifteenth century, mark the limits of their fame.
  • What has been said thus far relates obviously to cases where the mother is at the commencement of her work of training.
  • The castle was dismantled by its own builders at the commencement of the fifteenth century, probably because too expensive to maintain.
  • The results showed that five days after the commencement of anthesis a high proportion of the female flowers is receptive.
  • Such is the constitution of the human mind that it cannot even think of a commencement or an end of matter, or force.
  • The Dean, J. G. Merrill, was deputed to preside at the varied functions of commencement week.
  • This opportunity came in the shape of a college commencement with a consequent boat-race, and all the gayeties that this entailed.
  • For the reasons indicated it has been deemed better to omit the pages alluded to, merely giving a few words of the commencement of each.
  • Force, then, is the external or phenomenal commencement of states, not their underlying and essential principle.
  • It is evident that she is in a deep consumption, created by a terrible fall she had down a precipice, at the commencement of her journey.
  • Very interesting and pleasant were the commencement exercises in which Marie bore an important part.
  • Within the passage additional arches may be seen, inserted to strengthen the arcade at the commencement of the later work and in other places.
  • At the commencement of the first revolution, it contained one hundred thousand inhabitants; now it has only about thirty thousand.
  • In this commencement of the action it was considered that the Shannon received most injury, particularly in her hull.
  • Beneath the moon and the horizon, the commencement of its track of brightness, there was a cone of blackness, or of very black blue.
  • The commencement exercises on Wednesday evening formed a fitting climax for a week so full of interest and inspiration.
  • The temperature should be maintained at about 18° C., but at the commencement a higher temperature is desirable.
  • At the commencement of the 7th century of the Christian era a new character was about to be impressed on a large portion of the world.
  • These words were in a manner wrung from the Count by the paleness and agitation of Aminta since the commencement of the conversation.
  • The next day after Commencement was bleak and rainy from midnight till midnight, and a good many guests were added to our table in consequence.
  • It is said that after this commencement they had a long and earnest Conversation together, as Tom returned homewards.
  • When the time arrived for the commencement of the war, the wren King sent out spies to see who was appointed commander-in-chief of the enemy.
  • The monastic institutions organized by St. Patrick were characterized from their commencement by an apostolic zeal that knew no bounds.
  • From the very commencement of the Revolution General Luckner indulged in violent sallies against her.
  • On the next morning after this conversation Leroy left for the North, to attend the commencement and witness the graduation of his ward.
  • At the commencement of their as yet short acquaintance she had taken a genuine liking for the handsome young soldier, and she had the firmest faith in her intuitions.
  • Mais Éva se précipita sur elle et la lui arracha des mains, éteignant entre ses mains un commencement de flamme qui s'emparait d'elle.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Commencement | Commencement Sentence

  • Back of that commencement there must have been an eternity.
  • The commencement of the year was not very cheering.
  • But he had now arrived at the commencement of his transition period.
  • At the commencement of the reign of Henry VIII.
  • At the commencement of the thirteenth century came a change.
  • Et la haine est le commencement de l'amour.

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