Commend In A Sentence

How To Use Commend In A Sentence?

  • Not only that, but his views about marriage would not be likely to commend themselves to her.
  • Her second marriage had everything to commend it, but it resulted in indescribable disaster.
  • This latter plan would probably commend itself most readily to the foreign-speaking groups.
  • And set on the other side how thou shalt rejoice and commend thyself if thou abstain.
  • In short, it has nothing to commend it, in comparison with acetic or formic acids.
  • He concluded by urging them to commend their souls to Him, and then became very calm.
  • I pray your Reverence to pardon me and commend me to God, for indeed what I desire is necessary.
  • Therefore to God I do commend thy state, Who will be sure to guard thee tenderly.
  • So we cordially commend it to our young friends as a book which will both satisfy their interest and benefit their tastes.
  • It is needless to say that we earnestly commend this book to all who are truly interested in the great questions of the time.
  • It is needless to say that we commend it to the careful perusal of all who desire conclusive information on a most important subject.
  • Therefore we must commend the new books, those that belong to the children's own days, too.
  • We can heartily commend this book as being the one needed for successful presentation of Bible stories.
  • Evading taxes, avoiding duties, a community parasite, does it commend to children the arts of social cheating and lying?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Commend | Commend Sentence

  • I commend your pupil to you.
  • I commend the subject for a picture.
  • In conclusion, we once more cordially commend the book.
  • Promises were lavished to commend the Union.
  • To you I would commend him as an example.
  • And to his goodness I commend ye.
  • To you, then, I commend my life and love.
  • And so, brother David, commend me for a traveller.
  • Let me commend the "Rejected Addresses" to his attention.
  • I humbly commend myself to your Most Reverend Lordship.
  • I commend this scheme to Messrs. Gladstone and Morley.
  • I can't commend you for it.
  • We commend this system to the advocates of popular sovereignty.
  • Such will always commend him, and he can be nowhere a stranger.
  • We commend their zeal, and hope it will meet with the most ample recompense.
  • We may think this an exaggerated statement, but there is much to commend it.
  • I commend this sentence to the notice of those about to visit Turkey.
  • I commend thee to that Providence who is beneficent to us all.
  • I commend myself many times to the holy sacrifices of your Reverence.
  • This mode of settling intestine divisions did not commend itself to the Swiss.
  • We commend him unto the devil, they said all, for he is a man of great might.
  • I thought you would commend my cool judgment, my sanity, and lo and behold!
  • In part I commend thee, and will by no means at any time cease to do so.
  • I always commend myself to the Most High and submit myself to His will.
  • The French to God and to his saints, once more Commend them.
  • If ye see anything in me worth Commendations, I pray ye commend me to him.

Definition of Commend

(transitive) To congratulate or reward. | (transitive) To praise or acclaim. | (transitive) To entrust or commit to the care of someone else.
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