Comment About In A Sentence

How To Use Comment About In A Sentence?

  • I'd like to Comment about conditions in Europe with reference to seedlings and varieties.
  • If this is meant to be a comment about how things get created, at least in music, I think there is some truth to it.
  • He listened to Patience's excited comment about the doctor's narrow escape, and then, picking up the reins, twanged sharply, winked at her, and rode off to the flanking line.
  • Harper, who died in 1910, was a product of the Chicago Art Institute, at whose exhibitions his pictures received much favorable comment about 1908 and 1910.
  • As the mother-in-law of the stalwart Union leader of the city, Miss Belle's comment about her appearance in Camp Jackson was not out of place.
  • And, doubtless for the same reason, Gizzard forebore making any comment about the absence of the shoes last seen on Sube at the time of the auction.
  • An English submarine officer did a short trip in a boat belonging to the Russian Navy, and his comment about it was that "if it had not been so serious it would have been comic."

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Comment About | Comment About Sentence

  • He recalled McClintock's comment about Spurlock being the kind that fell soft.
  • I cannot help but comment about your recent paper in _

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