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  • Your voice commingled in my dreams.
  • With that she wept also, and our tears were commingled in a perfect gladness.
  • You are sovran in the art: feigning and truth Are so commingled in you.

How To Use Commingled In A Sentence?

  • When, opening the locket, they were placed Under the glass, commingled and enlaced.
  • Under the grateful shade of the lofty palm were flowers and fruits in commingled sweetness and beauty.
  • On their sides and tops, the reflected light painted all the hues of the rainbow, in commingled azure and crimson, purple and gold.
  • Mr. Wright owned a past wherein rifle smoke and courage were equally commingled to make an honoured whole.
  • There is something radiant and gorgeous in the commingled splendour of a great city, with the calmer beauties of leafy foliage and the sparkling eddies of the bright river.
  • We made our meal with infinite mirth and tenderness; and the two seemed to be commingled into one, so that our very laughter sounded like a kindness.
  • What mattered it though he could hear more and more startled voices commingled with the shattering shrieks emanating from the Braydon apartment beneath his feet?
  • May the jewelled ring bind soul and soul, and in the commingled life may the holy compact be known, that a perfect circle of souls has been consummated.
  • Lying and listening in the dark, it seemed to me that there were two opposite qualities commingled in the sound, with an effect analogous to that of shadow mingling with and chastening light at eventide.
  • If choice were given you, would you rather choose Hurting your friends, yourself to feel delight, Or share with them in one commingled pain?
  • It has been said that "God the first garden made, and the first city Cain," but here they seem commingled with the happiest effect.

Definition of Commingled

simple past tense and past participle of commingle
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