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  • Dave did not commit himself.
  • Do you commit these crimes?
  • Did they commit some imprudence?
  • Shame on a man who would commit such a cowardly deed.
  • Still, he was not so rash as to commit himself too soon.
  • Better commit it to memory, and then destroy the sheet.
  • Why, then, commit yourself to the care of a stranger?
  • Remember I commit myself to nothing.
  • Besides, why should I commit myself?
  • Did Shivaji commit a sin in killing Afzul Khan?
  • It's human to commit crime.
  • I suppose any one is liable to commit murder all of a sudden.
  • He had deserved to be thought willing to commit even such a baseness as that.
  • Dunstable, questioned after preparation, refused to commit himself.
  • Young, unwilling to commit himself, stopped to light his pipe.
  • We commit two glaring faults in our illuminations in England.
  • What bold immoral act did Weller commit in consequence of Luther's advice?

How To Use Commit In A Sentence?

  • Keith was suddenly conscious that he did not wish to commit himself to such praise.
  • To do so is to commit a sin offensive alike to religion and to conventional morality.
  • And devil take the sleek demon of a woman who had prompted him to commit so base an act!
  • They do not commit crimes for their designs; but they form designs that they may commit crimes.
  • Why then did God create beings which he knew from all eternity would commit sin?
  • It is noteworthy that some thirteen thousand individuals commit suicide every year in Germany.
  • Let me try and keep up my nasty part, and not commit myself, like the fool, by blind anger!
  • But I see that thou art wont to commit thy understanding to the custody of thy wife.
  • At least, I will commit no more follies now, but continue my narrative like an honest chronicler.
  • Joe again rolled a deprecatory eye at his crony and cleared his throat, but did not otherwise commit himself.
  • It cleared up everything, was as conclusive as if they'd seen her commit the act.
  • Most dangerous it is for a politician to commit himself to a beneficial enterprise; for the people might oppose it!
  • If you were to tell him to commit suicide he would do it at once as the most natural thing in the world, to preserve his honor.
  • Being then admonished by his attendants that proper respect required its burial, he consented to commit it to the earth.
  • It is deplorable to learn that they should have had any cause to commit what are called "agrarian" crimes.
  • People looked upon her as they would have looked upon a fish-fag, and did not like to commit themselves by quarrelling with her.
  • Germans are well aware of the awful number of brutal crimes which their men-folk commit year by year at home.
  • The tendency of these professional classes to commit suicide is from one and a half to three times as great as that of the population generally.
  • To obtain a woman men will risk their lives, ruin themselves, commit any act of folly or extravagance which you care to name.
  • And you permit your wife to commit such indiscretions, which might so easily ruin your family, nay, the realm itself?
  • It seemed to her quite clear that the only unforgivable sin she could commit would be to permit Harboro to die for her sake.
  • They were ready to commit any enormity, because when it was done they could go to confession, wipe the stain off the slate, and come back smiling.
  • No sin shall wrest us from Him, were we even in one day to commit fornication and manslaughter a thousand times.

Definition of Commit

To give in trust; to put into charge or keeping; to entrust; to consign; — used with to, unto. | To put in charge of a jailer; to imprison. | (transitive) to have enter an establishment, such as a hospital or asylum, as a patient
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