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How To Use Committee On In A Sentence?

  • Is there a second to that motion that we have a committee on nomenclature of nuts?
  • The same day my bill was read in place and referred to the committee on corporations!
  • His influence first began to be felt as chairman of a sub-committee on the registers.
  • A committee on finance was chosen, to thoroughly canvass any endowments offered.
  • I wonder what folks here think of a sneak who was forced to resign by a cadet committee on honor?
  • The committee on the constitution, however, was allowed to be present in its entirety.
  • The publishing of the report shall be the responsibility of the Committee on Publications.
  • Whereupon the session resolved into a meeting of the Committee on Ways and Means.
  • Here are two short stories of February, 1915, as reported to the Committee on this side.
  • Finally it was decided to appoint a Revision Committee, on which Wallas was placed.
  • His letters to the members of the Congressional Committee on Commerce show marked ability.
  • The bill was referred to the Committee on Appropriations, of which Stevens was chairman.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Committee On | Committee On Sentence

  • Vallandigham was a member of the committee on resolutions.
  • I was invited before the committee on the judiciary.
  • Dick found himself one of the committee on subscriptions.
  • I move that a committee on resolutions be appointed.
  • Committee on Surgery.
  • We were a select committee on Tennessee.
  • Committee on Education and Labor.
  • Committee on Social Issues.
  • Committee on Negro Studies.
  • The Assembly appointed a select committee on Education.
  • Committee on Efficiency II.
  • Prepared for the Advisory Committee on Education.
  • House in Committee on Budget Bill.
  • Samuel Hooper was chairman of the Committee on Coinage.
  • Select Committee on New Orleans Riots.
  • Fifth Rep. of Committee on NW.
  • Report Congressional Committee on European Waterways.
  • Are you also chairman of the committee on that kind of interior decorations?
  • Foster, Report to The Committee on Conduct of the War.
  • May 1785, when the grand committee on the money unit made its report.
  • Francis O.J. Smith, chairman of the Committee on Commerce.
  • The President himself appeared before the committee on August 19.
  • He was sure that the bill belonged with the Committee on War Claims.
  • Congress met; the Committee on the Conduct of the War was at once created.
  • Mr. President, we already have a committee on Varieties and Standards.
  • Franz, suppose you and Tom Brangwyn and Lorenzo form a committee on that.
  • To 108 we gave cards to obtain relief from the General Committee on Thursday.
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