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  • He looked to his committee to manage the secrecy.
  • I am one of the committee to show you our little town.
  • He compelled the Committee to show its credentials.
  • Rutledge, Edward, on committee to confer with Howe, 79; 59.
  • What was the sense of being appointed a committee to investigate and not do it?
  • He was appointed on the committee to draft that important document.
  • He's going to send the committee to see her.
  • I think it would be well to leave that committee to the incoming president.
  • You may send down a committee to investigate the matter as soon as you please.
  • He was one of the committee to draft a constitution for France.
  • You appointed Totten and myself a committee to look into the matter.
  • I called on those I knew amongst the committee to entreat their attendance.
  • I would say I haven't time; got a committee to attend to.
  • Samuel J. Tilden appeared before the committee to represent a certain interest.

How To Use Committee To In A Sentence?

  • You question the authority of our committee to represent the majority of your employees.
  • They appointed a committee to wait on him in his office and beg him to eat something.
  • It had been considered a great stroke of luck on the part of the committee to secure him.
  • The old man was called before the town committee to account for his disobedience to orders.
  • At the next meeting of the club the committee to investigate the park made its report.
  • She pledged the committee to secrecy, and no word of the proposed wedding got into the papers.
  • The committee to which I belong are determined that it shall move with energy.
  • In vain the Mayor sent a committee to remonstrate against burning the warehouses.
  • The resolutions were carried and Henry made chairman of the committee to organize the colony.
  • In fact they had already appointed a select and vigilant Committee to see him safely on his way.
  • But suppose I name a committee to see if they cannot scour the town and find a lawn.
  • The Assembly entertained the petitions, and appointed a Committee to inquire into the matter.
  • The Conference thereupon took a recess, to enable the Committee to consult and report.
  • On these a resolution was carried that the new Executive appoint a Committee to revise the Basis.
  • Appointed Chairman of the Committee to prepare the Declaration of Independence.
  • Thus the Academy of Medicine in Paris appointed a Committee to examine the subject in 1825.
  • The Count therefore invited a committee to confer with him and Baron Rosen at Portsmouth.
  • In 1751 the Pennsylvania Assembly authorized a committee to procure a bell for their State House.
  • Accordingly each township appointed a committee to correspond or confer with committees from other townships.
  • There is no disposition on the part of the executive committee to take such action and there never has been.
  • A world committee to be at once elected for the purpose of working out a scheme of international disarmament.
  • What it actually meant was a committee to change the material of civilisation for a hundred miles around.
  • It is an excellent plan for members of the committee to drop in at some of the tournaments and see how things are done there.
  • The Monumental Fire Engine Company bell was to be tolled as a summons for the Committee to meet.
  • Discharges and resignations had taken place, and no efforts were made by the committee to fill up the vacancies.
  • It shall be the further duty of this committee to devise means to defray the expenses incurred for lecturers and instructors.
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