Commodities In A Sentence

Definition of Commodities

plural of commodity

How To Use Commodities In A Sentence?

  • How are we to provide and pay for the commodities we need for the support of the nation?
  • These exchanges are really the central markets for the commodities they represent.
  • It is useless to talk about better distribution until the commodities exist to be distributed.
  • But they do not continue unchanged; and neither do other commodities continue unchanged.
  • The commodities sold in market are too tedious to mention, even if all could be remembered.
  • These two commodities represent about 90 per cent, of the total exports of the island.
  • In certain commodities the market is conterminous with the trade, that is, we have a world-market.
  • All the commodities sought from Virginia were unsuited to conditions in a new country.
  • We can have our commodities at Gothenburg and in other places, without passing the Baltic Sea.
  • There will be an enormous exchange of commodities between the two valleys when the road is constructed.
  • Economies in production throughout the whole industrial field mean that there will be more commodities to be shared out.
  • The volume of currency as a whole is the force by which the salable value of commodities is affected.
  • Plate and ornaments were melted down and useful commodities were furnished by the adherents of the king and by those of the parliament.
  • Bills drawn by importers against commodities placed in brokers' hands for sale.
  • He will be inundated with speculative appeals from vendors of commodities who hope for gratuitous advertisement of their wares.
  • Our production in nearly all important food commodities except sugar is in surplus of our own need.
  • Peaceful exchange of commodities has also been carried on for many years along the borders of their territory.
  • The vast increase in the production of the precious metals simply increased the value of the commodities for which they were exchanged.
  • Many classes of commodities are now bought and sold in a world market that were formerly restricted to local trade.
  • Where the same service may be supplied by two or more different commodities the trades are related by direct competition.
  • He made his profits from such as wished to get rid of their oxen and wagons in exchange for the commodities which he had to offer.
  • The absence of wide individual differences of taste marks out the commodities for routine or machine-production.
  • With the commodities in even dollars and their larger fractions the temptation to pocket the entire amount might be present.
  • Thus, it will be said, the roundabout exchange of commodities for commodities must be brought about.
  • Second, improved transportation has made the prices of commodities more uniform for different producers and consumers.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Commodities | Commodities Sentence

  • Prices were going up and commodities were getting scarce.
  • On that day there was no excise of the commodities of character.
  • They had to have a store for a few essential commodities at least.
  • They have many commodities that would be most useful to you.
  • Certain other commodities went under similarly critical analyses.
  • The value of some of these commodities was evidently mainly speculative.
  • Cotton and sugar are staple commodities in several of the states.
  • We had our choice of riding on any of those commodities that we might select.
  • Some of these commodities are handled by other great department-stores.
  • Different streams of commodities narrow at different places.
  • But with the advent of the production of commodities the picture changes.
  • But these, it seems, are commodities for which you have no use.
  • For staple commodities at his arrivall he founde none afoot save only Tobacco.
  • I have a list of the prices of ordinary commodities up to Spring, 1918.
  • A Pictorial Booklet on Early Jamestown Commodities and Industries.

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