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  • Asquith is not commonly accused of imaginativeness.
  • Women are commonly impatient and inquisitive.
  • Endured, where commonly each thinks but of himself.
  • For export the dimensions are commonly 32 or 36 in.
  • The tiger is very commonly worshipped all over India.
  • Both these Princes are commonly at Court.
  • Yet there is commonly a confusion of expectations on these points.
  • The substances most commonly used for this purpose are phosphorus and copper.
  • Now it is commonly applied to medium or heavy makes of calico.
  • For so it commonly is with drunkards, but most of all with female drunkards.
  • The relationship, as above, is commonly one of cause or of consequence.
  • As commonly prepared, ozone is mixed with a large excess of oxygen.

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  • Philanthropic and religious bodies do not commonly make their executive officers out of saints.
  • The term subscriber is commonly applied to the patron of the telephone service.
  • It is commonly prepared by the action of a solution of sulphuric acid on barium dioxide.
  • Such equipments for handling long-distance or toll traffic are commonly termed toll switchboards.
  • A switchboard plug such as is commonly used in simple magneto switchboards is shown in Fig.
  • Both sexes are commonly barefooted, but the old sandals, once universal, are still often seen.
  • To facilitate this, a long curved mouthpiece is commonly employed, as shown clearly in Fig.
  • Cheshire printers, which are made at Hyde, Stockport, Glossop and elsewhere, are commonly 34 in.
  • A Jewish lawyer in Baden, he was commonly looked upon as the future chieftain of Social Democracy.
  • These trade marks are sometimes the property of the manufacturer, but more commonly of the exporter.
  • This is confessedly one of the most perplexing and confounding difficulties which attach to the commonly received systems of theology.
  • It may be stated at this point that the two plugs of an associated pair are commonly referred to as the answering and calling plugs.
  • And there is a private sort of controversy, which is cut up into questions and answers, and this is commonly called disputation?
  • The commonly received systems of theology are, it is confessed by their advocates, attended with manifold inconveniences and difficulties.
  • The drops in such switchboards are commonly high wound and left permanently bridged across the line so as to serve as clearing-out drops.
  • Such instruments are commonly called bridging instruments, on account of the method of connecting their bells across the circuit of the line.
  • The method commonly employed of associating the pole pieces with each other and with the permanent magnets is shown in Fig.
  • The substances most commonly employed in solution are acids, bases, or salts, and all of these undergo dissociation.
  • Salmon as served in Paris wears a different aspect from the one commonly worn by it when it appears upon the table here.
  • Their confidence on all subjects was even more unreserved than commonly prevails between father and son, and their esteem for each other higher....
  • The solution in which the copper plate is immersed is primarily a solution of copper sulphate, commonly known as blue-stone, in water.
  • When Southey wrote the following paragraph, he happily expressed what is too commonly the meaning and wish of critics and criticised.
  • For many years after the encounter it was commonly believed that Brant was the leader of the Indians who took part in it.
  • Russia is not commonly looked to for economic or social inspiration, yet even she has wrestled with drink in a manner which puts England to shame.
  • It is commonly observed, that a sudden wealth, like a prize drawn in a lottery, or a large bequest to a poor family, does not permanently enrich.
  • It is commonly enough assumed that mind has in its feeling the material of its ideas, but the statement is more usually understood in a sense the opposite of that which it has here.
  • It is commonly taken for granted that as regards content there is more in feeling than in thought: this being specially affirmed of moral and religious feelings.
  • July 25 distinguishes itself by being cool, and August 25 tempers ten days of heat which commonly begin on the 15th of August.

Definition of Commonly

as a rule; frequently; usually | (obsolete) in common; familiarly
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