Commotion in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Commotion

1. The commotion was general. 🔊

2. The commotion went on. 🔊

3. A commotion near the stairway! 🔊

4. There is a terrific commotion among the herd. 🔊

5. At the door of the church a slight commotion was visible. 🔊

6. There was a great commotion at Bonczhida Castle. 🔊

7. As each of these arrived there was a faint commotion through the house. 🔊

8. There was more commotion on the street than he had seen in some days. 🔊

9. Within an hour there was a great commotion on that quiet spot. 🔊

10. Sounds of unusual commotion reached him from the outer room. 🔊

11. Pep was the first to discover a commotion amid the crowds ahead. 🔊

12. Without commotion or muscular movement the other man became alert and tense. 🔊

13. When you hear commotion and thunderous booming, keep low to the floor. 🔊

14. The Indians were in a terrible state of commotion over my going. 🔊

15. For a few minutes there was a great commotion on the deck of the Sweepstakes. 🔊

16. The commotion had drawn curious eyes from those religious citizens of Gothal. 🔊

17. This movement created a great commotion among the Crusoe men. 🔊

How to use Commotion in Sentences?

1. There was a chittering commotion from the natives in the trees around the sled. 🔊

2. At the commotion of the sudden swipe the father and mother looked up in amazement. 🔊

3. A sudden commotion in the scrub beside him abruptly changed the trend of his thought. 🔊

4. He turned to leave, when there came a commotion from the lower end of the hall. 🔊

5. A great commotion appeared on the house-tops, extending itself slowly far and wide. 🔊

6. Captain Smith, hearing the commotion ran into the room and understood at once what had happened. 🔊