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  • I thank you for the communication of your ideas.
  • Personal communication and unpublished work.
  • This communication was received in profound silence.
  • I would be positive the communication came from him.
  • Transportation and Communication 50 IX.
  • Address communication to ALEX.
  • It is true that communication between them had been but rare.
  • Dave was always mysterious when he had a communication to make.
  • The last communication of the commissioners was dated in 1794.
  • This was the last direct communication I had from the admirable man.
  • Open the communication with France, and the rest follows of course.
  • The telephone communication between Lyck and Bialla is broken down.
  • Was the Embassy still in direct communication with Washington?

How To Use Communication In A Sentence?

  • The communication by the glance is in the greatest part not subject to the control of the will.
  • It had great advantages both for seclusion within itself and communication with the world outside.
  • A communication by small parties, called videttes, was kept up with the companies at the redoubt.
  • The communication which I received in response to my invitation was to some extent a surprise.
  • Mrs. Galton was not as entirely unprepared for the communication as poor Augustus had been.
  • Foreign Secretary von Jagow a communication | | from his Government.
  • Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying.
  • Invariably, the software applications developed by this community stressed communication over mere data retrieval.
  • Licensor shall not be bound by any additional provisions that may appear in any communication from You.
  • By reason of improvements in methods of line construction and apparatus arrangement, the radius of communication steadily has increased.
  • The mysterious communication established across a house between two entire strangers, moves all the springs of wonder.
  • How to secure the quickest and most dependable communication with the populous sections of the East had long been a serious proposition.
  • Perhaps some untoward incident had occurred, and I should receive a further communication from my unknown correspondent.
  • An unhappy accident, he told them, had forced him to make to them in writing a communication which he would gladly have made from the throne.
  • And if in Trinity, that the said roome be contiguous to, and have communication with, the new library there.
  • But as weeks and months passed, and no other communication came to him, he again looked upon Guilford as dead.
  • We have thus noticed the general utterance or expression of Egyptian drawing; but what specific communication does this particular lotus make?
  • Other changes were the establishment of direct communication with Spain and trade with Europe by a national vessel in 1766.
  • Apart, however, from any such deliberate unfairness, the communication of speeches in advance to the Press should be strenuously discountenanced.
  • Then there was little or no inducement to the communication of knowledge, and every motive for those who were in possession of it to keep it to themselves.
  • It is only just to add that whilst singing the praises of the Protector, he was in full communication with the spies and agents of Charles.
  • When no channels of communication between the immigrant and the larger community seem to have been established, we have been concerned to inquire how such channels can be most effectively created.
  • When the senses are asleep the mind is deprived of the usual means of communication with the outer world; but this does not necessarily condemn it to inaction.
  • There are other machines which help in an attack by keeping the various parts of the long line in close communication with each other, so that all efforts are in unison.
  • Alternative routes for the wires are adopted where practicable, so that in case of a break-down on one line communication may be kept up on the other.
  • Long ago she perceived that if Terence was to consent to continued imprisonment, his mind must be set at rest by communication with the Directory.
  • It is scarcely necessary to add that as yet no one has come forward to claim kindred with the first of the disembodied spirits that held communication with man.

Definition of Communication

The act or fact of communicating anything; transmission. | (uncountable) The concept or state of exchanging data or information between entities. | A message; the essential data transferred in an act of communication.
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