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  • We come now to the Communist plans for reconstruction.
  • The Communist brushes this aside as sophistry.
  • William Morris and the Communist Ideal.
  • The Negro and the Communist Party.
  • Many old-time Mensheviks have joined the Communist Party.
  • Just a group of local agitators fed up with the communist regime there.
  • Thereby they fall under the leadership of the Communist Party.
  • The Communist process of conversion was different from the Confucian.
  • The position of the communist party (formerly Bolsheviki) is also very strong.
  • Must we wait till the Communist Revolution is ripe in all civilized countries?
  • Of the reality of the Communist Dictatorship I have no sort of doubt.
  • There are 600,000 members of the Communist Party (611,978 on April 2, 1920).

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  • One body of communist partisans after another was detached from its allegiance.
  • The communist philosophy might be virtually unintelligible to the Oriental masses.
  • Fearful indeed must have been the communist or nihilist war of Russia of thirty years ago.
  • The Communist nations were prepared to agree with America and its allied nations.
  • There is now an overwhelming Communist majority in the Executive Committee, as elsewhere.
  • My Communist permit was useless, and there was no time to get one from the Bamberg Government.
  • No man not purblind but sees that Communist Europe is changing no less than Capitalist Europe.
  • This wild man who first welcomed the new-comer is the only perfect socialist or communist in the world.
  • The Communist Party (dubbed "Bolshevik") is in power now in the Soviet Government.
  • Nationalist and Communist leaderships were brought face to face, and preliminary terms were agreed upon.
  • The Communist ideology and that of the Nationalists coincided in their general opposition to imperialism.
  • A constitution was adopted, and soon in the Communist districts soviets began to spread during a period of relative peace.
  • I have a complete list of the Communist measures, and they contain nothing very sensational and mostly existed anyway only on paper.
  • The Communist Party paid heavily for the revolutionary instability and the political treachery of its companions.
  • Such truly Communist tendencies must be shown up in their true light, extended, and developed with the help of propaganda.
  • The exclusive role of the Communist Party under the conditions of a victorious proletarian revolution is quite comprehensible.
  • So representatives of the Communist and Independent papers rose to say they would suspend publication until this prohibition was removed.
  • The Lenin wing of the communist party is to-day as moderate as any socialist government which can control Russia.
  • These Communist republics are under stable government, and, judged from reports which reach the outside, seem efficiently administered.
  • Perhaps he means to do good with it, and it ought to be quite plain that Ingleby has no real sympathy with Communist notions.
  • Even the Communist forces worked for the release of Chiang, since they felt that his death would mean national disaster.
  • It is obvious that the Communist plans for Russia must be largely affected by their view of Europe as a whole.
  • Slandering the policy of the Communist Party, Kautsky says nowhere what he himself wants and what he proposes.
  • He insisted on a neutral commission to supervise the toss, half Communist members, half non-Communist.
  • Probably the set-back suffered in the South from the Communist capture of Munich reconciled them to disestablishment without disendowment.
  • From an academic group which meant nothing in 1921, the Communist Party grew in 1925-1926 to comprise the radical vanguard of the revolution.
  • Great numbers of officers of the old army are occupying important executive posts in the administration of the new army, but are under control of convinced communist supervisors.
  • Within the communist party itself there is a distinct division of opinion in regard to foreign policy, but this disagreement has not developed personal hostility or open breach in the ranks of the party.

Definition of Communist

Of, relating to, supporting, or advocating communism. | An advocate of a society based on the common ownership of property; a proponent of communism. | (nonstandard) Any revolutionary or subversive radical.
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