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  • Sir, the whole community flew to arms!
  • As a member of the community he was indifferent and amiable, gay and ironic.
  • There was a growing community of interest between the two roads, anyway.
  • It was, in fact, a definite place and a real human community in those days.

How To Use Community In A Sentence?

  • One cannot help warming towards a community which are so warm-hearted among themselves.
  • The summons of a town or community was usually addressed to all the male inhabitants.
  • Members of an open source community are able to experience how their actions affect the whole.
  • He also assumes the responsibility of leading the entire rural community upward and onward.
  • The news of these impending blows fell upon a community already gloomy and despondent.
  • A large part of the community is kept to decent courses by fear of social regulations.
  • Such a community of interest led, quite naturally, to a merger of the properties.
  • It was his protest against the interest roused in the community by this Jane who sold sandwiches.
  • The Saintship or headship of the community was hereditary, descending from father to son.
  • Yet the work that it had done in the development of a huge community of communities could never die.
  • People became the content, a shift that had implications not just for the online community but for society as a whole.
  • The district in a given community which is served by a single central office is called an office district.
  • There is, it is true, an advanced section of the community that is entirely out of sympathy with this view.
  • Finally, the do-it-yourself ethic of the internet community was replaced by the new value of commerce.
  • And, on the other hand, the mind and will of the individual members of such a community are pervaded and animated by its universal spirit.
  • That sound part of the community must first be put into a better condition, before it can do anything in the way of deliberation or persuasion.
  • In this convent the community ceremonies are observed, in accordance with the rigor of the rules of Espana.
  • Many Mahomedans realize the disadvantage of locking up their community in a watertight compartment, but they regard it as the lesser evil.
  • In the short time Blogger has been available, it has fostered an interconnected community of tens of thousands of users.
  • These events were, perhaps, to be reckoned as fairly casual things in the life of a railroad which, to almost any community is life itself.
  • He put an end to the semi-monastic discipline of Gisa by pulling down his community buildings and erecting a private house of his own on the site.
  • Software known as 'freeware' and 'shareware' gave rise to a gift economy based on community and mutual self-interest.
  • If a talent is anywhere born into the world, the community of nations is enriched; and, much more, with a new degree of probity.
  • No one cheered and comforted the members of the Christian community more, no one was a greater inspiration, and no one was more unassuming.
  • It would not have surprised me, nor even over-flattered me, if Providence had killed off that whole community in trying to save an asset like me.
  • He is too deeply rooted in the substance of his community for that: or it is on the ground and in the atmosphere of an assured community that his individuality is to be made to flourish.
  • Even Islam did not break the power of caste, and very distinct traces of caste still survive amongst the Mahomedan community itself.
  • Whoever said that there would not be found a single Indian to serve the Government or the European community here?
  • Thanks to Tom Bentley and everyone at Demos for the opportunity to extend this inquiry to a new community of thinkers.
  • The danger must be enormously heightened if one community begins to believe that the other community is compassing deep-laid schemes for the promotion of its own ultimate ascendancy.
  • Obviously, the lines in one central office must be connected to those of another in order to give universal service in the community in which the exchange operates.
  • Ordinarily the telephone industry in such a community begins by a group of farmers along a certain road building a line connecting the houses of several of them and installing their own instruments.
  • This would not have caused me to notice him here but because it is necessary the community should be warned that, unlike a good many of his contemporaries and comrades, he is not an extinct volcano.
  • Many of the inhabitants and people of the community send their daughters to that seminary, so that they may learn good morals, because of the great improvement that is recognized in those who have been reared there.
  • Sometimes as we went scouting about on our roving commission to see what we might see, at mealtime we would enter a community too small to harbour within it any establishment calling itself a hotel.
  • It seemed to Eustace as if something of the coming shadow were creeping over the community before the bad news could even be dreamed of by any one except himself.

Definition of Community

(countable) A group sharing a common understanding, and often the same language, law, manners, and/or tradition. | (countable) A residential or religious collective; a commune. | (countable, ecology) A group of interdependent organisms inhabiting the same region and interacting with each other.
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