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Definition of Commutation

(US) The process or habit of journeying to and from work on a regular basis; commuting.

How To Use Commutation In A Sentence?

  • The commutation ticket is the proper card for a gentleman in straitened circumstances.
  • And the entire abolition of long-established commutation rates has happened more than once.
  • A few days afterward he sent in another petition, praying for a commutation of his sentence.
  • The Assembly meanwhile did not relax its efforts to obtain a commutation of the sentence.
  • For the same reason, I entirely disagree with you on any commutation of tithes.
  • It was only by the most strenuous efforts in his behalf that a commutation of the sentence to imprisonment for twenty years was obtained.
  • If he made commutation proof in fourteen months, the minimum residence required, he must then make payment in full.
  • Acquet, "whose declaration had deceived no one," seemed a good omen, indicating a commutation of her sentence.
  • Those compiled from the tithe commutation awards are based largely on estimates, since there are many parishes where the tithes had not been commuted.
  • He therefore made less scruple to require a pecuniary commutation for those offences, but thought the proceeds should be carried to a public account.
  • The church, on her side, profited by this arrangement in order to obtain the commutation or redemption of the taxes affecting ecclesiastics considered as individuals.
  • Several of them allowed themselves to be interviewed by pressmen, and went so far as to state that they had given their verdict with much misgiving, and hoped that a commutation of sentence would follow.
  • When the police got through with me, and returned my pie-card I turned it in for a commutation ticket, and there are still a few feeds to the good on it.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Commutation | Commutation Sentence

  • Perhaps they may abolish commutation rates altogether.

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