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  • So the compact was struck, and the trustee went on to give further information.
  • Then a very compact little evergreen bush on the lawn in front of the old house caught their eyes.
  • Even in the compact with Mephisto the same ineradicable optimism asserts itself.
  • We have fifteen guns, mostly 9-pounders, with our small but compact force.
  • The dynamite struck the deck in a compact package, bounded, and rolled into the port scupper.
  • Either he was conciliated by ceremonies and invocations, or some bargain or compact was made with him.
  • We have a very compact force and capital officers, so everything goes on smoothly and comfortably.
  • The enemy were massed deep in front and but little impression could be made on their compact ranks.
  • The people speak of it with terror and awe, and look upon the members of it as enchanters who are in compact with the devil.
  • The nests with eggs were far less elaborate and compact than the earlier nests, from which the young had flown.
  • The articles which appear in the present number convey a large amount of useful information in a compact and intelligent form.
  • After covering them with soil, beat them down with a trowel, so as to make the earth as compact as it is after a heavy shower.
  • In the spring of 1878, the plans were all matured and the new movement became a compact and powerful religious force.
  • From that time, it was asserted that no human being could dwell there without having previously entered into a compact with the evil one.
  • And with this resolve he crossed the street at once, and soon found himself in the compact crowd which thronged the doorway of this popular shop.
  • At last, when they had released him, it was under a compact of friendship, that had never since been broken.
  • But a compact was come to betwixt the kings at the time of this mustering, & peace ensued in the lands.
  • The freshmen also formed in a compact mass, and came on with a rush, keeping hard up against the wall.
  • In like manner there was nothing absolutely absurd or impossible in the idea of a compact with the Devil.
  • To a man on one of these frames the fleeces in their compact little bundles were tossed up, and he trod them down, packing them in the sack.
  • The compact being thus completed, the strange visitor folded up the paper, and stowed it safely in an inner pocket.
  • If there had been any truth or consideration for Ireland in the royal compact some hope of compromise and conciliation might have opened.
  • He was at this time a young man of about five and twenty, with a great square head and a short, compact figure.
  • They appeared not so much disposed to ramble and go astray from the line of march as in daylight, but kept together in a pretty compact body.
  • A large pile of rocks stands like a compact fortress on the mountain horizon to the north of Bontoc pueblo.
  • Once more the people of Ireland were being "brayed together in a mortar" to compact them into a single commonwealth.
  • This scale adheres tightly to the boiler in compact layers and, being a non-conductor of heat, causes much waste of fuel.
  • The gaffers scrambled for places, wedged in a compact circle, the spectators standing behind them to advise or take a hand as occasion offered.
  • It was thus that the social compact was first set on in the valley of Heart's Desire.
  • Such is the scheme of the drama, but after the compact is made we hear no more of it until just before the end of the Second Part.
  • On coming back from church, Frederick ran to his fiddle; and found in a corner of the case the deed of compact he had signed.
  • That Travers Nugent had not abandoned his compact with the Maharajah because of his own defection he felt sure.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Compact | Compact Sentence

  • My solitary compact with the sky.
  • It was indeed very compact and comfortable.
  • A scrap is for our compact good.
  • Did any one break his compact with you on that subject?
  • Here, was the hardening turf, compact as flesh.
  • As he vaulted into the saddle, he made a compact with himself.
  • Evelyn was a compact little baby, fat, but not overlapping and grossly fat.
  • And if to help me you decline, Midnight shall see our compact end.

Definition of Compact

Closely packed, i.e. packing much in a small space. | Having all necessary features fitting neatly into a small space. | (mathematics, not comparable, of a set in an Euclidean space) Closed and bounded.
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