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  • Since that time railroad companies and other business corporations have accepted the system.
  • Bonds issued by stock companies and corporations are really mortgages upon their resources.
  • He was the architect for one or two companies; and he used to do all his planning in that way.
  • It employs a dozen or so producing companies and makes three or four pictures every week.
  • As more troops passed, men began leaving their companies and rushing toward the house.
  • I listened a while, and found my dogs was in two companies, and that both was in a snorting fight.
  • The movie companies and record companies saw this as a flagrant, for-profit piracy ring.
  • He planned, too, to bring theater companies and opera troupes to the very seat of war.
  • Baedeker knows all about hotels, railway and diligence companies, and speaks his mind freely.
  • Street car companies and officials in Rockford have congratulated the men upon their conduct.
  • As they arrived, they took arms, were formed in companies, and reported ready for duty.
  • These, of course, are telcos, credit card companies and large computer-equipped corporations.
  • By promoting companies and other expedients known to the members of the Stock Exchange.
  • The certificates of shares in companies and banks were not worth the paper on which they were written.
  • And if the shipbuilding companies and their financial bankers were honest the aim could be achieved.
  • He despatched runners to the flank companies and to regimental headquarters announcing that he was moving ahead.
  • At most they amount to the march of a few companies and guns to various forts, now all but undefended.
  • Tables of life insurance companies and reports of statistics show that the average length of human life is greater than it ever was.
  • She answered the advertisements of several publishing companies, and obtained agencies for the sale of subscription books.
  • A piece of wit bursts him with an overflowing laughter, and he remembers it for you to all companies, and laughs again in the telling.
  • But our concern is with the story of two regiments, and particularly of two companies, and that is story enough.
  • Splendid wharfs have been erected by the many steam-ship companies and merchants, and there are fortifications which command the harbour and roads.
  • It was evident that he was unaccustomed to the drawing-room and large companies, and felt at ease only beside a sick-bed.
  • All the managers of corporations are agents of the railways, banks, manufacturing companies, and the like.
  • Its main work was the regulating of the business done in the state by foreign insurance companies, and the letter of the law was its guide.
  • Her father was connected in a business capacity with one of the local theatrical companies, and the young girl naturally drifted to the stage.
  • We were to go out in sections of companies, and, spreading over a wide surface, see what we could of the place.
  • The men will be allotted berths and divided into messes, regularly by companies, and their packs are to be hung up near their berths.
  • Both landed with their companies and proceeded by different routes under the cover of darkness to the village where the Mahdi dwelt.
  • The first tenders of aid from abroad came from foreign steamship companies and later several foreign governments expressed a desire to contribute.
  • No less than 180 pairs of new boots were issued to men of our four companies, and other clothing, socks and shirts to those who wanted them.
  • Sooner or later there shall be a separation of the visible Church into two companies, and fearful shall that separation be.
  • There is care needed that banks, insurance companies, and railroads be well managed, and that officers do not abuse their trusts.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Companies And | Companies And Sentence

  • Here they formed up in their companies and took counsel.
  • I took six companies and started up the valley.
  • Again, there are the City Companies and their Halls.
  • Well, good for some of our companies and not so good for others.
  • The starlings travel in companies, and lively parties they always seem.
  • In Moslem towns women go about in companies and never walk with men.
  • We paraded by Companies and assembled in the Square and marched to the train.
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