Compared In A Sentence

Definition of Compared

simple past tense and past participle of compare

How To Use Compared In A Sentence?

  • And only a little while ago she had been as happy as the nightingale to which they compared her.
  • Fortunes have been made here, but nothing compared with the fortunes which shall be made.
  • He compared it with the telegram, and a light of unholy glee came into his eyes.
  • What were rain and storm, thunder and lightning, compared with the chances that awaited me here?
  • Why, it isn't a circumstance compared with the floral goddess's crack-jaw.
  • The sea in winter with a leaden sky, is a lively cheerful thing, compared to such a snowy desert.
  • Paris has been compared to ancient Athens; it may be compared with modern London.
  • And how does Ireland stand in her only market, England, as compared with other nations?
  • Storm on St. Bernard may be compared with Excelsior in general subject matter.
  • A burglar would have seemed clean and honest compared to the gentleman housebreaking on such an errand.
  • The actions of the unjust blossom in their dust into flowers compared with which the deadly nightshade is as the violet or the rose.
  • The rising of the sun was nothing as compared to the rising of the cook who would appease their savage hunger.
  • When it is small, as compared with the same ingredient in somebody else, there is still enough of it for all the purposes of examination.
  • Judge Measy, who admitted her to the bar, was compared to Lord Mansfield and to Mr. Lincoln.
  • His method, however, could hardly be compared with the dove's conciliatory cooing.
  • He took from his pocket a good silver dollar, compared it thoughtfully with the bad one on the table, and continued.
  • They have few equals, cooked in that way, but as a pan fish, they are not to be compared with the genuine brook trout.
  • As compared with the former route, the saving of time was equal to one day; the rate of postage was likewise reduced.
  • Heinsius was at that time suffering from indisposition, which was indeed a trifle when compared with the maladies under which William was sinking.
  • The evening was a gloomy one as compared to others, and although they built a camp-fire as usual there was none of the customary gaiety around it.
  • The mind of the majority of human beings, but especially of the young, may be compared to a vacant seat waiting for some one to fill it.
  • As compared with India, the absence of famines is significant; and this he attributes in part to the prevalence of small holdings.
  • A considerable amount of capital has been made out of the depreciation of agricultural produce in Ireland as compared with England.
  • By four o'clock every muscle in Wallie's body was aching, but his fatigue was nothing as compared with his hunger.
  • Its mode of progression, however, is awkward when compared with ordinary quadrupeds; its hind-limbs shuffling along, as if inclosed in a sack.
  • During the past year in London 2,886 persons were knocked down by horsed vehicles, as compared with 8,388 who were knocked down by motor vehicles.
  • These, and al that wil admit mare and mast, are compared be degrees; as, sueet, more sueet, most sueet.
  • No reliance is to be placed on it; Martin Luther's table-talk alone can be compared to it.
  • After our removal from Danville to Richmond for exchange, we compared our memoranda, and found they substantially agreed.
  • Now, among all the compliments that have been paid me in my life, no one has ever compared me to the Goddess of Love.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Compared | Compared Sentence

  • It's laceratin' to be compared to a shoat.
  • Why should a man so endowed be compared to Shakespeare?
  • Ermine, a modest women compared to one, 73.
  • Ermine, an, a modest woman compared to, 73.
  • Their Manners compared with the French 455.
  • What is all this compared to the grandest of all masters of harmony above!
  • He says our poorest clerks are rich compared with those people.
  • The fact is, any poor devil of a mountebank is a king compared to one of us.
  • Arcade are, my dearest Emmy, moral prints when compared with them.
  • I compared that Working Man of the poster with any sort of working man I knew.

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