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How To Use Compassion In A Sentence?

  • Deep compassion at the sight of his suffering fellow-men put strong language on his lips.
  • Hoolagoo took compassion on himself, and spoke kindly to him, and treated him as his guest.
  • Alfred gazed in compassion on the noble countenance and broad forehead of the Dane before him.
  • But there was too much of compassion in that letter, and Val was sick of his compassion.
  • I was deeply interested in that poor woman, I felt a profound compassion for her.
  • Mrs. Hewett died just before daybreak without a pang, as though death had compassion on her.
  • Doth not remembrance of a common doom, To soft compassion melt the hardest heart?
  • An enemy would I say thou wert, but that thou hast looked with compassion upon mine afflicted one.
  • When he saw the multitude he had compassion on them because they were distressed and scattered as sheep that have no shepherd.
  • The strange look of compassion flitted across the face of his hostess which he had observed there before.
  • I know only too well the difference between true love and that regretful compassion her kind heart indulges.
  • Sir, who is this cruel and implacable shepherd, who is moved with no compassion towards these sheep?
  • But the impelling motive of the new religion was compassion, and genuine compassion is not to be restrained in artificial limits.
  • Our deep compassion and brotherly sympathy are especially moved on behalf of non-combatants who have been carried away like herds.
  • Shunning abstract discussions, they eagerly hang on every word of compassion and kindness, and respond with the same.
  • He took compassion on him, and kindly invited him home to a warm, comfortable cave he had in a hollow of a rock.
  • She looked into his face, and saw how worn and gray he was about his eyes; and a sudden compassion came upon her.
  • But his few words left on Marcella a painful impression, which renewed her compassion of the night before.
  • You are blind, defenceless, helpless, therefore all who have not hearts of stone must have compassion upon you.
  • Jane administers it to me, and her faithful heart is so wrung with compassion that she perspires almost as much as I do.
  • Little did I think how small was the share which friendship or compassion could claim in this visit of my friend to the house of mourning!
  • Not because of thy sin, but because the Church hath compassion on thine affliction doth she redeem thee.
  • A wave of compassion and self-reproach swept over Bowles at the thought, and he forgot his own ugly mood.
  • And the anger, the blind compassion that seized and shook you then As you peered at the doomed and haggard faces of your men?
  • Now, if there had been no such thing as sin, the compassion of God would have been forever concealed from the eyes of his intelligent creatures.
  • Therefore our merciful Lord had compassion towards his creature, and appointed that repentance, and gave unto me the power of it.
  • To the clergyman, whose compassion my dying friend had claimed for me, I explained my situation and my purpose.
  • She was conscious of a feeling of sorrow for the helpless woman, of compassion for her empty, shallow life, the fruit of an empty, shallow heart.
  • He accepted the balm of her compassion like a candid and innocent man: "Yes, it was pretty rough.
  • Like some monstrous butcher, the cripple passed from one to the other with no more compassion than if he were dealing with the oxen in a slaughter-house.
  • Do we guide the conversation of visitors and the family group so that antisocial passions are subdued and a spirit of brotherly love and compassion for all is cultivated?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Compassion | Compassion Sentence

  • Providence had compassion upon my rheumatism.
  • He felt a profound and tender compassion for the widow.
  • Single instances of his compassion I have mentioned.
  • The spirit of compassion surrounded Sylvia like a halo.
  • A look of compassion overspread over the thegn's face.
  • Franz Lippheim looked down at her with an infinite compassion and gentleness.
  • Roseen's face betokened extreme compassion for the Spider.
  • May God have compassion on me, for I look upon myself to be as good as lost!
  • I am sorry that I had a moment's compassion and made the attempt.

Definition of Compassion

(obsolete) To pity. | Deep awareness of the suffering of another, coupled with the wish to relieve it.
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