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How To Use Compendium In A Sentence?

  • To go no farther, this is the best compendium of geography we have yet seen for schools.
  • By far the most useful and complete compendium of tests, norms, and bibliography available.
  • The marvel of the ages, the compendium of universal knowledge, reposes in the dust-bin.
  • Er stond ook een Compendium (verkort overzicht) in van de Ethica van Aristoteles.
  • Also a compendium of those sanitary principles on which the attainment and preservation of health depends.
  • The book is not a text-book on geography; it is a compendium of suggestion on the study of the subject.
  • This valuable compendium has been put at a very low price, so that it may be within the reach of every one.
  • Kearny had thrown himself on the floor and was babbling his compendium of bitter, blood-freezing curses against the star of his evil luck.
  • A compendium of gymnastics, it increases strength and activity, dexterity, and rapidity of movement.
  • To do to, and for, your friend what you would have him do to, and for, you, is a simple compendium of the whole duty of friendship.
  • So he gave her a succinct compendium of his famous paper at the British Association, in a form suited for the youthful mind.
  • In the Moluccas we may read a compendium of the wide-spread history which applies to the vast regions comprised in the mighty Archipelago.
  • Besides, the author had agreed that the obnoxious passages should not be printed in the compendium which the Republicans recommended in their circular.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Compendium | Compendium Sentence

  • The compendium she gave me must have been dull and dry.
  • Best compendium of the subject in English.
  • A Complete Compendium of the Art.
  • It is an interesting compendium of all the most famous romances of chivalry.
  • To California, an excellent compendium of data on many phases of the subject.
  • This may be seen in the Compendium of the last of November of the same year.

Definition of Compendium

A short, complete summary; an abstract. | A list or collection of various items.
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