Compensation in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Compensation

1. And is there for no compensation room? 🔊

2. Il est vrai que le coeur par compensation est excellent. 🔊

3. The former deserve no compensation and the latter no penalty. 🔊

4. He never hinted at compensation for his services; never got it. 🔊

How to use Compensation in Sentences?

1. We may expect an increase in compensation insurance and in health insurance among the states. 🔊

2. In the first case compensation was allowed; the last two were honoured by the experiment. 🔊

3. Here, at least, was some slight compensation for the leaden-footed hours of waiting. 🔊

4. Their hours are interminable, the work intolerably hard, and the compensation entirely inadequate. 🔊

5. Her acute hearing, that blessed compensation granted to the blind, had told her truly. 🔊

6. And, in view of these injuries, some compensation has been attempted in England. 🔊

7. There are those who assert that the doctrine of Compensation is utterly ignored in Ravenshoe. 🔊

8. His Potsdam & Watertown compensation was fixed a little later at $600 annually. 🔊

9. I forget what I gave for the book, but I ought to have been able to claim compensation somewhere. 🔊

10. The world they fashion is their own, and they do offer by their ethereal pathway a compensation for the insufficiencies of life. 🔊

11. It would seem as if they had made him thus smart after his death as a compensation for the poverty which he suffered during his lifetime. 🔊

12. It has the compensation of placing a number of worthy men in the saddle at least once in the year and compelling them to do some rough riding. 🔊

13. The satisfaction of having a gun, should any game show itself, was the chief compensation to those of us who were thus burdened. 🔊

14. If he swayed her judgment now, and dragged her away, what life, what compensation could he offer her? 🔊

15. What pleased me best was the obvious and light-hearted happiness of the whole party, a compensation for days of starved monotony. 🔊

16. My remedy would be to increase all renewals of licences to fifty pounds apiece, and to apply the difference as compensation to unrenewed licences. 🔊

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