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  • On the other hand there would be compensatory advantages not to be ignored.

How To Use Compensatory In A Sentence?

  • What compensatory good can a priest pretend to do when his primary business is the truth and his method a lie?
  • This was lost before -an of the infinitive, contraction and compensatory lengthening being the result.
  • We here again meet an instance of the compensatory principle which prevails in the arrangements of Providence.
  • In this latter case the condition is a chronic one, and the bone tissue remaining often appears to be strengthened by a compensatory process of condensation.
  • The arrangement of compensatory details, particularly the date of delivery of the articles for payment, often requires a considerable period of time and no little controversy.
  • She went back and took down the jaunty little cap again, and kissed it with compensatory tenderness, and left a jewel trembling on its crown from the well of her honest brown eye.

Definition of Compensatory

That compensates, or serves as compensation
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