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  • Clara complacently nodded.
  • How easily and complacently you say it!
  • Hamm smiled more complacently still.
  • Fresno puffed complacently upon his pipe.
  • The oxen stood complacently chewing the cud.
  • The real estate man smiled complacently at my grief.
  • As Madame Palffy complacently observed to Mrs. Carnby.
  • We blinked complacently at it until it disappeared in the brush.
  • What we complacently call the world below us is full of intelligence.
  • With these grossnesses, we complacently compare our own taste and decorum.
  • Meanwhile, she sat back in her cab, and gazed complacently about her.
  • The Recorder glanced at Slavin complacently when they disappeared.

How To Use Complacently In A Sentence?

  • Wherefore the trooper complacently buttoned the compliment over his chest with the pullets.
  • Daniel complacently accepted this testimony to his monetary worth and jogged out of the yard.
  • The beau clapped his elbows complacently to his sides in philosophical concord with her sentiment.
  • And he looked behind him complacently at his neat cottage and well-clothed children.
  • Francis complacently felt his muscles, as if to suggest that he was quite equal to the occasion.
  • He remained for a moment in an easy attitude, complacently holding his hand in the air.
  • Such were the threats she could complacently make, could think herself masterful for making.
  • Through all these changes Pierre was complacently confident, but he never lost his head.
  • Vernon stood by his desk, arranging complacently the documents Miss Greene had given him.
  • He smiled complacently upon Ephraim, nodding his ancient head, and Ephraim frowned.
  • The duke received the advances complacently and returned propositions significant of his personal ambitions.
  • He complacently suns himself on that solitary wharf, awaiting a fresh arrival and a renewal of business.
  • He walked complacently over the village, stopping every few steps to have a word with his numerous acquaintances.
  • Murray was complacently aware that he was geographically the only eligible man on the Merryman horizon.
  • There, puffing complacently at a pipe of opium, he appeared to have dismissed the incident from his mind.
  • He smoked his pipe and dozed over his newspaper as complacently as ever, while his sins of omission and commission were arrayed against him.
  • He then sat down in the teacher's chair, folded his arms, and looked complacently about him.
  • Do you suppose he will look on complacently and see you, who have been wholly his possession and property, pass over out of his hands into mine?
  • If the snow falls very fast, and promises a heavy storm, he will complacently sit down and allow himself to be snowed under.
  • The pool smiled complacently at its own superior foresight, and husbanded all its resources, letting not a drop steal away.
  • Mr. Dinsmore smiled complacently as he marked the exchange of greetings between the two young people.
  • Now and again, they looked at each other, reflecting complacently that Anna had cooked that dinner beautifully.
  • It was deemed a cheerful color, and was set out boldly and complacently by the side of pink or scarlet, or wall flower colors.
  • So Roger puffed complacently at his cigarette in thoughtful silence, rather more than usually well pleased with himself.
  • Society forgot its ennui and settled itself complacently to listen to a piquant story of scandal, intrigue, imposition, and robbery in high life.
  • Adelle reflected complacently that he was quite as presentable as a man as the young Englishman Irene had married.
  • Were these the things New York did when you just gave her all her head, and that he himself then had perhaps too complacently missed?
  • Mrs. O'Brien nodded her head complacently and poured herself another cup of tea.

Definition of Complacently

In a complacent manner; overly calm and contented; not troubled.
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