Complain In A Sentence

How To Use Complain In A Sentence?

  • Catholics complain about the rudeness and nastiness of these cartoons and others that followed.
  • Mrs. Budlong ventured to complain that there was too much shortening in the biscuit.
  • At the Abbey she had little to complain of now, for all were too busy to take much heed of her.
  • And when Hawawk grew older she would sometimes complain to Ee-ee-toy if he came in without game.
  • The capacity for listening sympathetically when men boast of their wives and women complain of their husbands.
  • Still she never said a word of it, and when the grandson came she was too overjoyed to complain of anything.
  • Certainly, the present writer should not complain of such treatment, for it is precisely the treatment which he has received from himself.
  • There be who perpetually complain of schisms and sects, and make it such a calamity that any man dissents from their maxims.
  • She was genuinely hurt, and thought she had reason to complain of the girl's ingratitude.
  • He had cut into the game too long ago and with his eyes too wide open to complain at this time of the possibility of an accident.
  • Nor could the ex-sergeant find anything to complain of in the young man's manner towards himself.
  • When so many are laying down their lives with joy why should I complain because a few walls have been shattered?
  • What right would this God have to complain of a crucifixion suffered in accordance with his own command?
  • Well then, I am to argue with you, and if you tire of the argument, you may complain of your friends and not of me.
  • Me COMPLAIN of that beautiful, that heavenly vision that has been vouchsafed me!
  • If men liked that sort of thing, and they apparently did, Corinna reflected, then they could scarcely complain of an emphasis on perfection.
  • On the principle of this objection, the insect should complain that it is not a man; the man that he is not an angel; and the angel that he is not a god.
  • Of course, in isolated instances some village or town had inaugurated a "good roads" movement, and then Bert found nothing to complain of.
  • If you are ill, you will have to do without nursing and petting as you would have here; and if you are unhappy, you must not complain away from home.
  • They would complain of the Southern cooking and knit and tat while they babbled amiably of themselves and the members of their family and their doings.
  • The people say that the plains are irrigated and productive, and that the hills pasture their sheep and cattle; and they all complain of the exactions of local officials.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Complain | Complain Sentence

  • And they complain no more.
  • This is why you complain of him.
  • I do not complain of him.
  • Keith had no cause to complain of any of these.
  • No reasonable man should complain of such a precaution.
  • And the recruit must not complain of her food.
  • They complain that in Matt.
  • And the best of it is that I have nothing to complain of.
  • He has he thinks Another reason to complain of you.
  • The very disparities you complain of are the bonds between us.
  • Liking to dig as he did, he certainly had nothing to complain about.
  • They take everything from us, and if we complain they kill us.
  • But have we any reason to complain of this appointment of God?
  • Consumers complain justly of the presence of chips, splinters, and wood-dust.
  • If I complain they threaten not to let me have another drop.
  • Whatever he may have to say for himself, I have cause to complain of him.
  • Yet these colonies do not apparently complain about a "drain" to India.
  • In fact, that's what you'll all say; and that's exactly what I complain of.

Definition of Complain

(intransitive) To express feelings of pain, dissatisfaction, or resentment. | (intransitive) To make a formal accusation or bring a formal charge. | To creak or squeak, as a timber or wheel.
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