Completing In A Sentence

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  • She was completing what loving was needing.
  • She was being one who was completing being loving.
  • She was hoping that she was completing hoping everything.
  • She was one completing what loving was needing.
  • Any one is one completing being that one.
  • He was now come for the purpose of completing his revenge.
  • I saved him the trouble by completing the turn.
  • She was completing loving, which was that thing.
  • In arranging being one one was completing that thing.
  • He died a month after completing his sixty-first year.
  • It came to him as a revelation, completing the gap.
  • Next came another work, completing the first.
  • Cauac, the fourth, thus completing the column.
  • Methods of solving Completing the square.
  • Four millions in completing the canal of the Naviglio.
  • Volume IV., completing the work, is in the press.
  • Part XII., completing the work, price 7s.
  • One artist is just completing a portrait of me in pastels.
  • She was completing what loving was needing which was that thing.
  • In completing what loving was needing she was being that one.
  • She was one completing in accomplishing being one being that one.
  • There are many loving and completing that thing and are not marrying.
  • Sheer astonishment rendered him incapable of completing the sentence.
  • Being one intending to be completing being that one is something.
  • Madden saw the importance of completing his disguise in this manner.
  • In being married she was completing that thing completing being working.
  • In being hearing something she was one who would be completing telling.
  • She is one accepting and completing that thing creating acceptation.
  • You were sniped in the glory of completing a fine piece of work.
  • He's completing the final stage by aeroplane.
  • For the last three years he had been engaged in completing this masterpiece.
  • He pointed with his thumb to his neck by way of completing the sentence.
  • Ra became a destroyer after completing his reign as an earthly king.
  • They seemed to be completing the adjustments of some new piece of mechanism.
  • I'm completing my education, sire.

How To Use Completing In A Sentence?

  • She was one and she was completing expecting and she had been one having all she was having.
  • Hartwell had succeeded in completing the operation of informing himself generally.
  • Howard was just completing the arduous task of warping his ships out of the harbor.
  • I assisted him in completing the little flour mill and in attending it during the winter.
  • They only wrote to promise all possible expedition in completing the steam-vessels.

Definition of Completing

present participle of complete
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