Compliant In A Sentence

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  • Wilfred gave her a compliant look.
  • Louis showed himself less compliant than his father's foes.
  • She is easy, good-natured, and compliant about everything but her sleep.

How To Use Compliant In A Sentence?

  • Lewis, moreover, was guided by a more energetic and less compliant character than his own.
  • It was the lavish expenditure to meet a compliant list of placemen that brought the country to its present state.
  • The princess, hitherto compliant with his will, was about to make an attempt to shake off his authority.
  • This applies even to natural religion in its haziest and most compliant form; and as applied to any form of orthodoxy its force is doubled.
  • While the girl was munching a piece of the rind he took her so subtly, that she was startled, charmed, and compliant all at once.
  • He wrote to Leverrier in reference to the errors of the radius vector and received a satisfactory and sufficiently compliant reply.

Definition of Compliant

Willing to comply; submissive; willing to do what someone wants. | Compatible with or following guidelines, specifications, rules, or laws.
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