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  • It complicates life without adding to happiness.
  • It only complicates the mystery a little and adds ramifications.
  • This complicates study of the territorial habits of the species.
  • Which complicates vastly the architect's problem.
  • But there is still another factor which complicates the question further.
  • Of course, this railroad coming in complicates matters a good deal.
  • She-suffrage complicates the plot, Much, of my "Mazy Bill"!

How To Use Complicates In A Sentence?

  • The very fact that its operation is through the concrete complicates the process.
  • This all complicates public maintenance problems and especially the proper pruning and spraying of the trees.
  • There is "another man" who complicates matters, but all turns out as it should in this tale of romance and adventure.
  • This, no doubt, greatly complicates the links of connection, whether these be supposed to indicate derivation or not.
  • It has made me rather nervous and I keep counting both, but a certain dubiety in my own mind as to which is which greatly complicates matters.

Definition of Complicates

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of complicate
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