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  • Archie was complicating the odds.
  • As it is, I have only succeeded in complicating matters.

How To Use Complicating In A Sentence?

  • The point to be here noted is their complicating effect on the Pan-Islamic movement.
  • In this resume the mention of billon money has been generally avoided, as unduly complicating the subject.
  • As a means of making intelligible these complicating factors it is necessary to watch the process as it affected the several migrants.
  • The difficulty lay in knowing how to use the overcoat to advantage in furthering and further complicating a situation already delightful.
  • There was a mystery here unexplained, involving the dead, and strangely complicating the lives of the living.
  • Redge, always a complicating child, had an attack of croup, which necessitated a visit from the doctor and further anxiety.
  • At the same time it reverts to the compositions of Rubens, complicating them further to satisfy the needs of the modern mind.
  • But let me add that I speak here of mere appearances, and have ever inclined to the more ironic and more complicating vision of them.
  • Besides, the Wyrons, having no children, had of necessity to "chic" a little in cases where children formed a complicating element.
  • What, therefore, may look to be but a simple injury to the horn alone may in reality be the only evidence of a stab complicating the sensitive structures.

Definition of Complicating

present participle of complicate
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