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  • But they were probably composed between 1728 and 1738.
  • He caught my eye on that spiritedly composed woodcut.
  • The garrison was composed of two hundred soldiers.
  • I even composed a most beautiful letter of farewell.
  • Presently, however, we composed ourselves.
  • Captain Jack led the main body, composed of twelve men.
  • The sky at night and which is composed of millions of stars.
  • So does an electromagnet composed of windings and iron cores.
  • No literary "generation" is composed of men actually of the same age.
  • The gathering was composed mostly of good, honest folk but plain ones.
  • Her dress was entirely composed of green silk, trimmed with crimson velvet.
  • A fourth of the entire stock was composed of books of Catholic theology.
  • They composed a short but pathetic petition, in the name of Lisette.
  • About two o'clock she composed herself as if for sleep, and never moved again.

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  • The postmen have a military band, composed of thirty members of their own staff.
  • It is composed of a provisor and vicar-general, with his notary-in-chief and fiscals.
  • He took his line, and when she ended composed his voice to a low tone as he leant toward her.
  • Its libraries were English libraries, mostly composed of old English literature.
  • The Militia, composed of Vryburgers as officers, and townsmen of a certain age in the ranks.
  • But the steel of which it was composed was very hard, and he found it a harder task than he had anticipated.
  • A change had passed over her heart and the world around her and the persons and events which had so recently composed her universe.
  • Accompanying the army was a long train composed of every kind of vehicle, from carriages to farm wagons.
  • Fuses in use in electrical circuits generally are composed of some alloy of lead, which melts at a reasonably low temperature.
  • The Eastern Continent is composed of three grand divisions, Europe, Asia and Africa.
  • Her restrained manner did not worry him, for he felt that his fight at the river was won, and the prospect of fried chicken composed him.
  • But the units, whereof this mass is composed are neuters, every one of which may be grown to a queen-bee.
  • The line is sometimes difficult to draw; doubtless plays are divided into acts, but poems are composed of stanzas.
  • It was at least half a mile thick, and was composed of thorns and prickly plants, through which it seemed impossible for anyone to penetrate.
  • Out of the twenty-five men who composed the advance, hardly a man or horse escaped unscathed; all were killed or wounded.
  • In point of morals the army, composed almost entirely of farmers and farmers' sons, was exemplary.
  • He had just composed it himself, so he was very taken up with it, and would not pay proper attention to Mole or anything else.
  • After a time I grew composed enough to become aware of the ticking of the clock, even to take pleasure in it.
  • He was a tall thin man of middle age, with a striking appearance and the straight composed features of an early American portrait.
  • Skald: a Scandinavian minstrel who composed and sang or recited verses in celebration of famous deeds, heroes, and events.
  • The fund is managed by a body of trustees, who are assisted by a committee of recommendation composed of officers of the Post Office.
  • The reredos was the work of Belgian artists, and like the screen is composed of oak, whilst the carved figures which adorn it are of lime wood.
  • Magee, moreover, always a moderate man, did not like Orange sermons, and most certainly had never composed one.
  • The letter was composed by the dragoman and forwarded to the United States, but Eaton was allowed to remain.
  • For the last two days my being was no longer composed of memories but exclusively of sensations of the most absorbing, disturbing, exhausting nature.
  • During war a strong garrison constantly occupied Mont Orgueil, but now a corporal and two privates of artillery composed the whole military force.

Definition of Composed

showing composure. | simple past tense and past participle of compose
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