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  • Later it was supposed to be a compound containing oxygen.
  • This compound has been described in the chapter on sulphur.
  • The composition of a chemical compound never varies.
  • This compound occurs in wood ashes in small quantities.
  • A molecule is the smallest particle of a compound which can exist.
  • The product of the combustion is therefore a compound of hydrogen and oxygen.
  • He was the strangest compound that ever got mixed in a human mould.
  • The oxygen in the compound is therefore divalent, just as it is in water.
  • A chemical compound in the form of a liquid has a definite boiling point.
  • This compound occurs in nature as siderite, and is a valuable ore.
  • In another shady corner of the big compound Cornelius was holding court.
  • You could as soon weep for the rule of three, Or compound fractions!

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  • The properties of this important compound have been discussed under the head of boron.
  • Fluorspar has already been mentioned as the chief natural compound of fluorine.
  • Glass is not a definite chemical compound and its composition varies between wide limits.
  • The atom would have to be regarded as a compound unit made up of several parts.
  • Chlorine is passed into hot solutions of calcium hydroxide, a compound which is very cheap.
  • What compound would be formed by passing carbon dioxide into a solution of ammonium hydroxide?
  • This compound can be made by treating an acid solution of green vitriol with an oxidizing agent.
  • When manganese dioxide is fused with an alkali and an oxidizing agent a green compound is formed.
  • Stannic oxide is of interest, since it is the chief compound of tin found in nature.
  • The resulting compound contains zinc, sulphur, and oxygen, and is known as zinc sulphate.
  • As Wallenstein worked, he glanced through the window and saw Koho coming up the compound path.
  • The carbons are large and are separated by a special compound intended to assist the self-cleaning feature.
  • This compound is a violet-colored solid which dissolves in water, forming a solution of the same color.
  • We shall see later that the two also differ in that the composition of a chemical compound never varies.
  • The substance has the property of forming an insoluble compound with sugar, which can easily be separated again into its constituents.
  • This substance is the most abundant manganese compound found in nature, and is the ore from which all other compounds of manganese are made.
  • He thought that when only one compound of two elements is known it is reasonable to suppose that it contains one atom of each element.
  • A mixture of nitrogen and hydrogen when treated similarly forms ammonia, a gaseous compound of nitrogen and hydrogen.
  • In nature this compound occurs in highly crystalline condition, the crystals having much the same luster as pure lead.
  • As cinnabar this substance forms the chief native compound of mercury, occurring in red crystalline masses.
  • Their experiments, as well as all succeeding ones, have shown that the composition of a pure chemical compound is always exactly the same.
  • The additional 7.94 parts of oxygen present in hydrogen dioxide are therefore easily evolved, the compound breaking down into water and oxygen.
  • As these are the simple atomic weights of the two elements, the formula of the compound must be HCl.
  • A chemical compound is a substance the constituents of which have lost their own characteristic properties, and which cannot be separated save by a chemical change.
  • It will thus be seen that the structure of a compound must be known before the valences of the atoms making up the compound can be definitely decided upon.
  • In the earlier days of chemistry there was much discussion as to whether the composition of a given compound is always precisely the same or whether it is subject to some variation.
  • The percentage of carbon dioxide in any given volume of air may be determined by passing the air over calcium hydroxide or some other compound which will combine with the carbon dioxide.
  • Potassium hydroxide is prepared by methods exactly similar to those used in the preparation of sodium hydroxide, which compound it closely resembles in both physical and chemical properties.

Definition of Compound

composed of elements; not simple | (mathematics) dealing with numbers of various denominations of quantity, or with processes more complex than the simple process | (music) An octave higher than originally (i.e. a compound major second is equivalent to a major ninth).
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