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  • I was not long in comprehending his intentions to be the destruction of the flag-ship.
  • She has given to man a disposition to pity, and the power of comprehending truth.
  • The old man and the girl stared at each other, comprehending the tragedy in all its naked horror.
  • Mac and Whitaker exchanged comprehending glances of dismay and followed him down to the grill.
  • Alas, I was far from comprehending at that moment the full force of those words!
  • Whether really comprehending or merely trusting to its instinct, Congress took a bolder course.
  • Would it not be like feeling angry with a Chinese for not comprehending English?
  • G. W. grew chill under the blazing sun as he looked, not comprehending what it meant.
  • Their astonishment over the wonderful animal was greater than their delight at comprehending the utility of the trousers.
  • His property swelled and swelled without his comprehending the mysterious reasons for its increase.
  • Suddenly comprehending that he was being made an object of sport, the clerk glared at the girls and turned his back.
  • But he addressed a select audience, whose minds were fully capable of comprehending his most elevated doctrines.
  • I think both would have annihilated my personality if possible, for the sake of comprehending me, for both loved me in their way.
  • Breton, comprehending that she wished to be alone with his master, tiptoed out; and the door closed.
  • At most all that has been gained from criticism is the difficulty of comprehending substance and cause without objective, that is, material form.
  • If we have a failing, it is to be found in an inability to hang together in our play, and an incapacity for comprehending the said fact.
  • He had also made rapid strides in this brief time toward comprehending business ethics as differing from church ethics and artistic ethics.
  • I thought of her mildness, her dreamy habits, her indifference, and her incapacity of comprehending natures unlike her own.
  • The forest was once of enormous extent, comprehending a circumference of one hundred and twenty miles....
  • The baron, too, was the best of fathers, yet absolutely incapable of comprehending the unaccountable anguish of his daughter.
  • He is very slow at comprehending a joke; and is apt to sit puzzling at it, with a perplexed look, while the rest of the company is in a roar.
  • She appreciated the simplicity of Andrew's attitude, without fully comprehending its significance.
  • To all this I listened soberly, at the time comprehending that this was a gentleman suffering from the disease of being unable to make up his mind.
  • A few of the daughters of rich men can read the Koran, but without comprehending it, and can both read and recite poetry.
  • My lady sat upright in her chair without moving, staring up at the speaker, scarcely comprehending what he said, through the singing in her ears.
  • There's a religion for you; comprehending many Countries and different Nations!
  • St. Augustine, in his eighty-first sermon, may perhaps suggest reflections for comprehending this passage.
  • Though Zephyr had not explained his plan of operations in detail, Firmstone found no difficulty in comprehending it.
  • And so it goes on, passing slowly from stage to stage, apprehending new sights, new sounds, and comprehending new truths.
  • For any failure in quickly comprehending or doing my work, I did not fail to receive the customary blow, or blows, from her hand.
  • It is only a physician who has instituted provings upon himself, that is capable of comprehending this harmonious blending of the two therapeutic agents.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Comprehending | Comprehending Sentence

  • The girl made a sign of comprehending sympathy.
  • I was not long in comprehending the difficulty of the task.
  • Socrates substituted comprehending belief for unintelligent assent.
  • Her air of innocently comprehending his charge was a triumph of duplicity.
  • No religionist seems capable of comprehending this plain truth.
  • Paul glanced at her inquiringly, not quite comprehending her remark.
  • The amazed young woman looked at him with wide, comprehending eyes.
  • I awoke in the morning, hardly at first comprehending where I was.
  • Mrs. Morton, not comprehending what had happened, also looked astonished.

Definition of Comprehending

present participle of comprehend
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