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  • A very neat and comprehensive apparatus it was.
  • And our thoughts were as comprehensive as our impressions.
  • A wider and more comprehensive membership was a necessity.
  • He swept his arm toward them in a comprehensive gesture.
  • Evil, in its most comprehensive designation, whence is it?
  • A careful and comprehensive survey, of great value.
  • An amazingly comprehensive volume. . . .
  • A Comprehensive Persian-English Dictionary....
  • The writer lays claim to no such comprehensive indifference.
  • A comprehensive and attractive picture of the life of these ancient people.
  • With this comprehensive salute he moved towards the door and let himself out.
  • In such a comprehensive listing, reviews must of necessity be brief.
  • Being a Comprehensive Guide to English Authors and their Works.

How To Use Comprehensive In A Sentence?

  • A comprehensive and concise summary of the results of science in its chosen field.
  • At any rate a comprehensive hieroglyphic language for ever completed is impracticable.
  • He gave a comprehensive glance through the assembly and lost none of them in the process.
  • Innumerable figures were dotted over them, referring to comprehensive marginal notes.
  • We need a directing force to assure a comprehensive view and study of the whole rural problem.
  • We may present, in brief compass, a comprehensive summary of the doctrine of Spinoza.
  • It was of tin, and had stamped on it a comprehensive lesson in both political and physical geography.
  • But it is otherwise in universal history, when this is conceived in a comprehensive and enlarged spirit.
  • Every day the advance of specialisation renders any comprehensive or synoptic view of the totality of science more and more impossible.
  • New comprehensive diaries concerning the actions of children in the first years of life are urgently to be desired.
  • With one comprehensive movement she scrambled her books and papers together and heaped them into the still open drawer.
  • It was a more comprehensive gaze than that of an ordinary attendant prompted by curiosity, and there was something in it that struck me with alarm.
  • The intention was to exchange these cases in rotation, and so establish a circulating library in the most comprehensive sense of the term.
  • Certainly not; and imitation is a very comprehensive term, which includes under one class the most diverse sorts of things.
  • Nor, we confess, did we expect to meet in them with a comprehensive or final vidimus of the poetry of the last fifty years.
  • Grief took one hasty, comprehensive examination of the engine and the fittings of the tiny room, then blew out the oil-lamp.
  • His is the most comprehensive system of Animism, using that term in the narrower sense of soul-worship.
  • The several operations in which the Allied navies engaged were all part of a comprehensive programme; they were all interdependent.
  • So now, tired, grimy, and with his head aching dully from the long breathing of foul air, he was in no humor for comprehensive amiability.
  • The comprehensive character of the new departure in the Church of Scotland is plainly seen from a view of the organization as it now exists.
  • Under its influence he began a series of Notes on the Mind, with a view to a comprehensive treatise on mental philosophy.
  • One day they got a pass and took the boys over to Lookout Mountain, for a comprehensive survey of the whole scene.
  • Capt. McGillicuddy came down at the head of the company officers of the regiment, and took a comprehensive survey of the squad.
  • Now, let us turn to the general policy, as it is reviewed in the very comprehensive speech of the Prime Minister.
  • Brant also planned to write a comprehensive history of the Six Nations, but unfortunately this work seems never to have been commenced.
  • He was a soldier in the most comprehensive sense; and if he did not overtop his colleagues in a knowledge of the science of war, he was at least their equal.
  • It soon turns out however to be little but a prudent and self-denying superiority to particular passions and inclinations in the interest of a comprehensive ideal.

Definition of Comprehensive

Broadly or completely covering; including a large proportion of something. | (Britain) A comprehensive school.
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